Monthly Mongoose Manga: May of 2018

I recently (and by recently, literally two days ago) started reading manga for the first time ever because fighting for the TV in my house was getting bothersome, and I still needed my Japanese media fix. So, I decided to start reading some manga to take the edge off.

Here’s the stuff I’ve been reading:

One Punch Man (Murata)

I caved and finally began reading the manga for OPM. With the combined disappointment of hearing Madhouse is no longer doing Season 2, and my impatience for it to arrive, I finally bit the bullet and read the manga.

Murata is a GOD of art, every page turn felt like watching a gif, because of how well he captures motion in a still drawing, and to mention just how badass he makes every character look.

ONE also showing us how make a hype story with actual stakes despite Saitama’s existence, and with those two together, it’s no wonder OPM is as amazing as it is. JC Staff has some really big shoes to fill.

Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro

I really loved Karakai no Jouzu Takagi-san, and was half-expecting this manga to be a more mature version of that.

Well, it’s certainly more mature alright, but it is incredibly far in tone from Takagi’s cute middle-school teasing. This is some sadistic stuff. Nagatoro is incredibly mean-spirited, and the male MC here isn’t exactly spineless, and more like a masochist. Considering the author’s roots in doujins, this is to be expected. However, I’d say this is a guilty pleasure of mine to read, because the author is so good at drawing cute expressions for Nagatoro and he does a good job of balancing out the bulli dynamic with actual fluff in-between. I just wish the MC could grow a spine sooner rather than later, as I’m sure Nagatoro would kinda like.

Karakai no Jouzu (Moto) Takagi-san

Yep, they get married and have a daughter, and it’s about as adorable as you expect. This is a canon and official spinoff approved by the original author of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, for those wondering.

While I did have huge problems with Nishikata not acting like a father or husband and more like a middle schooler for half the manga’s run, the writer soon finds his groove and starts writing better, making the manga a fun and fluffy read without me being annoyed at Nishikata blushing at seeing his wife in a bikini. Despite literally having a daughter. Despite doing the sex.

The Way of the House Husband

This is everything I’ve ever wanted out of a comedy manga. The image of a former Yakuza tough wearing a shiba apron and being a dedicated stay-at-home husband to a working wife is just the best thing ever. Seriously, the humor writes itself, just put him in any chore that you see yourself doing, but he’s got that Yakuza glare and violent aura surrounding him. Chopping vegetables, taking out the trash, catching a grocery sale, watching soap operas, all of it becomes hilarious. It’s almost like a combination of Saitama and King in a way, because you see this strong as hell dude with such an intimidating aura doing normal, everyday things is fun.

This is also probably my favorite manga of the month so far! It went on hiatus since the author didn’t expect all the love it ended up getting, and we’ll be getting a new chapter on May 18!

A Story About a Female Knight Who Has Never Been Treated as a Woman

That’s a mouthful.

I really wish the title was something like “I’m a Fighter, not a Lover!” instead. It would have been a clever subversion of a famous saying, but also put across the point of the manga well, since Leo-san is adamant about being a knight and not a woman.

The manga is relatively new as well, but it’s a fun and fluffy read, as well as a non-standard main love interest! Abs are a really underrated feature in the world of anime boobs, butts and thighs. She’s a very fluffy tsundere, as well, and seeing her beat the crap out of people actually makes sense because she’s a mercenary knight.

Well, that’s what I’ve been reading this month, see ya next time!

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