Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 5 REACTION

Rather fluffy episode today with not much happening, but we do get to meet a new character, Nao!

First though, let’s talk about the piercings. I knew there was a reason the piercings were so emphasized. Guess everybody goes through that “it’s not a phase, mom” phase, even our stoic Hirotaka.

Nao starts off as rather close to Narumu, leading Kabakura and Hana to believe that he’s an ex trying to shoulder his way back into Narumi’s life.

Of course, as is common with the show’s pacing, they clear up the misunderstanding just a few minutes later, as it turns out Nao is actually Nao Nifuji, Hirotaka’s younger bro.

Most horrifyingly, it turns out he’s what us otaku call the dreaded “normie.”

Of course, yet another misunderstanding arises when Nao believes Kabakura is Narumi’s boyfriend because of his rather aggressive threat of taking the girls home himself.

Because this show is great and doesn’t muck around with any melodrama, Hana is quick to clear up the misunderstanding by showing off her bishounen character at work.

On a heartwarming note, Nao is glad that Hirotaka didn’t end up being a loner and actually found someone who understands him. Away with the imouto fetish, we need more supportive little brothers!

So yeah, that was a fun watch! It’s probably the weakest episode by far as it didn’t have a lot of romantic or laugh-out moments but it does introduce an everyman into the otaku-filled dynamic we have grown accustomed to.

I hope next week’s episode’s a bit spicier than this!

4 thoughts on “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 5 REACTION

  1. I can totally relate to Narumi ordering drinks at not Starbucks. Maximum fruit, maximum whipped topping. Maximum “Hmmm, this barista’s kind of cute.”
    I wouldn’t say that this ep is really any weaker than the others, though. The issues our heroes face in every episode seem rather trivial, but that’s a big part of what make it’s so relatable to me. A little bit of drama, a little bit of uncertainty, and a lot of still feeling/acting like a child.

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  2. I guess it was weak because of how strong the last four have been. I mean, first episode was confession, second was comiket, third was kiss, fourth was kabakura and hanako serious fight. This has almost zero conflict and only a little excitement. Kind of a more everyday day than normal.

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    1. Yeahhhh. I liked Kabakura and Hanako’s handling of the coffeeshop situation tho. Definitely got a couple laughs out of me.


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