Friday Funsies: The 5 Most Stylish and Combat Ready School Uniforms In Anime


Anime and high school are two things that have been together since time immemorial, or at least, since the late 90s. Another thing that seemingly goes well with these tropes is fighting stuff. Considering how often we will be staring at these students, and by extension, the uniforms they wear, let’s take a look at all of the different garbs our heroes wear for their educational learning, or mostly fighting things in them.

All photos of actual costumes used are not mine, and belong to their respective owners.


While RWBY is an old love and way past the point where they’re in school now, I still really like their uniforms. The frilly undershirt, brown vest, thin laces,plaid skirt and dark brown overcoat with gold accents are fancy and fits the Old English Era aesthetic of the series. It looks like the sort of clothes that a girl would wear back in the 1800s, and I really enjoy that aesthetic. It’s prim and proper, while still looking very stylish and appealing. Surprisingly, despite looking tight and impractical to fight in, the food fight scene proves that Beacon is not one to leave their students struggling to unbutton their blouses in the middle of a fight. After all, to quote Weiss, “it’s a combat skirt”!

4. Kill la Kill

So, we arrive at the logical conclusion for the relationship between anime and uniforms with Kill la Kill, where the uniforms not only give the wearer actual powers, but it has also become the driving force of the story for the entire series. In this series, uniforms are called Regalia, and imbue the wearer with abilities that fit their personality and strengths. Senketsu may be stunningly risque and cool, but it’s officially not a school uniform. So instead, let’s talk about real showstealers, which is of course the uniforms of the Student Council!

While they certainly look stylish, the reason I like them is because of how well they portray the personality and strengths of each character without them even saying a word. From left to right, we have the gruff and harsh one, the spunky musician, the regal authoritarian, the determined delinquent, and the smart and quiet guy. All of them are in stark white and full-covered clothing, to contrast themselves against our hero Ryuko, who looks way more villainous with her risque black and red outfit. They all also have cool names like the Scourge Regalia, Blade Regalia and Symphony Regalia, with the last one being my favorite, mostly because of the cool band hat.

Honorable mention goes to Mako’s sick Stardust Crusader Regalia though, mostly because I wanted to sneak in a second JoJo uniform on the list (wink wink).

3. Persona 3

I honestly only have a passing familiarity with Persona, mostly from my friends who play the games and because Persona 4’s basic plot is pretty much a ripoff of Diamond is Unbreakable. I can’t deny that this series has style, though, and their uniforms have a more modern and urban look to them than JoJo.

I chose P3 because it’s the most student look out of the five games, in my opinion. For the P3 protagonists, (I included the female one from the non-canon PSP version to have the female uniform on display as well) both of them wear a long sleeve black top with a white undershirt,which is nicely accented by the red of the ribbons, sashes and badges on them. The only non-standard part of the outfit is the white belt with holster that is just skewed enough on their waist to look cool as hell. Honestly, the designer for Gekkoukan High needs a raise, because it is amazing how tailor-fit it is, it’s not too tight or too loose and it accentuates their form perfectly. It’s also the only kind of uniform on this list that you might actually see outside of a convention worn properly. They get into a ton of fighting while wearing these, and since they don’t show much signs of damage throughout the game, this is a pretty well-made article of clothing.

2. Sailor Moon

Oh come now, you can’t expect me NOT to include Sailor Moon in a list that talks about high school uniforms in anime. Being “sailors”, they are obviously wearing sailor uniforms, and it is incredibly iconic. The colors are all vivid and bright, making them all distinct from one another while retaining a sense of uniformity and teamwork. There is also the white satin gloves that really gives off the magical princess vibe, huge ribbons on the chest offset the rest of the main colors on the uniform, and the footwear, ranging from high boots to high heels, further giving hints to their personalities. It’s a simple, but unforgettable design, especially with how frilly and flashy the magical girls of today are compared to them. There’s not much else to say except that they look like very magical girls.

Also, you can’t forget the most important feature of all, every sailor scout is required to wear-




1. Diamond is Unbreakable

Obviously, we can’t talk about style without talking about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Specifically,Part 4 is when Araraki started getting more flamboyant with his designs, and it certainly shows in Josuke’s design. In sharp contrast to Jotaro’s disregard for authority, Josuke, despite the delinquent-style pompadour, is actually a fairly diligent and friendly teenager. The symbols on his open collar reflect this, that being of peace and love, and even wears designer shoes, with distinctively higher heels than your usual school shoes. Josuke’s design is also based on the fashion and style of the late and great musician himself, Prince.

As for combat, considering how most stand battles are a battle of wit than physical action, Josuke’s flashy uniform surprisingly does little to impede his ability to kick major ass. When your uniform is also inspired by one of the most fabulously cool musicians to have ever existed, you know your style’s great.

While I have both Jotaro and Josuke as figures on my shelf, I have a review of Josuke here, when I had the time to actually do reviews of figures. Spoilers: He’s gorgeous.

That’s it for Friday! Monthly Recap will be coming this Monday, so watch out for that as well. What are some anime uniforms that I missed? Do yiu agree or disagree with my ranking and choices? Leave your answer down in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Friday Funsies: The 5 Most Stylish and Combat Ready School Uniforms In Anime

  1. Nice list! Kill la Kill is a show literally defined by the clothes, so a logical choice 🙂 I too like Symphony Regalia the best (and wrote about Nonon at one point, hehe). Since we’re on the topic, I’ll mention Assassination Classroom’s special P.E. uniforms, which were designed for combat and My Hero Academia’s hero costumes (which technically count as school uniforms for 1-A) as ones I liked myself.

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  2. I like the RWBY uniforms too. They look so posh and fancy and like you said its also very stylish. 🙂
    If only school uniforms in real life were as stylish as these, then I wouldn’t have minded my high school uniform as much, back in the day. 😂 It was actually that bad that the other schools to nickname us the maroon army because our uniforms were maroon and looked more like a military dress uniform than a school uniform 😂

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