Disney Broke The Emergency Sequel Glass Because Aladdin’s Gonna Suck

That’s exactly what happened and you know it.

I know Aladdin had a bad trailer,but the fact that they released this means that they REALLY wanted to clear the air and get some good will back in the audience’s minds.

So here’s some Frozen 2:

This is probably the best kind of teaser trailer,primarily because it’s actually a teaser that’s showcasing the progression of animation since 2013 instead of spoiling whole points of the movie.

We don’t see too much here other than a lot of action scenes.

Kill for Mother,Anna

Half the trailer was Elsa channeling her chakra freezing her steps to walk on the ocean (which looks absolutely fantastic by the way).

Disney,how the hell do you do these things exist at the same time?

There really isn’t a lot more than that, I just wanted to point out the obvious damage control they’re trying to pull. I mean,it’s not coming out until November. The timing’s too good (or bad?) with the sudden backlash at Will Smith’s stando, and I just found it funny.

As for the anime reviews, well, I suddenly found myself saddled with a bunch of responsibilities. I WILL review them at some point,but it may be at the end of the season,much like I did with Zombieland Saga.

Again with this,Lumi?

I don’t like watching good anime when I have boring work stuff I have to do. I think these shows deserve my full attention,and I can’t give it that this month. I’m still watching,just not gonna be writing every week about it.

That’s all,thanks for reading guys.

20 thoughts on “Disney Broke The Emergency Sequel Glass Because Aladdin’s Gonna Suck

  1. I didn’t pay attention to any trailers, but once I saw that picture of the Will Smith genie the other day, I just facepalmed. Disney seriously needs to stop this live-action remake train and maybe Aladdin could be one nail in the coffin for it to do so.

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      1. Nice! Hahahaha!

        Yeah, seriously. Granted, it’s not just a Disney problem, but the fact that so many remakes are being churned out by all the major studios is quite annoying and shows a severe lack of originality going on. It’s like the movie companies are saying “Hey, we know you know or like this or that movie, so you’re going to watch it anyway.” is some form of complacent smug cynicism.

        I found out that they’re making a live action Lady and the Tramp of all things which made me shake my head. Shoot, why not make a live action Aristocats or Oliver and Company while you’re at it, don’t ya [sarcasm mode].

        I know one thing I’ll do to avoid one particular upcoming remake is to watch and review the 2009 Jungle Emperor Leo remake by Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass, Planetes, ID-0) since that IP does involve the original king even though Disney won’t admit it. Hahaha!

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  2. I don’t know why Frozen 2 would get people excited though. Thinking about every other Disney Princess movie sequel ever, they have all sucked. They put the characters back together for some contrived plot that never particularly entertains. Honestly, this has me raising my eyebrow more than a live action Aladdin because sequel to popular franchise always screams cash grab rather than an actually decent movie.

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    1. Yes,but people loved Frozen and their excitement will override the fact that this is quite literally the first time Disney is putting out a sequel for a Princess movie that isn’t straight to DVD.

      No doubt it’s a cash grab,but unlike the other sequels,this one has a budget,and at that much at least shows they have a semblance of care put into this.

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  3. I expected no less from Disney, though since I didn’t like the original Frozen it just added fuel to the fire for me XD. I groan at the idea of another Frozen since this decade of animated movies from them has been weak for me. Other than Wreck It Ralph, the other I have seen were either uninspired, or just missed the mark. I’m hoping the live action Aladin is a enjoyable trainwreck at least.

    I get the same way when discussing stuff with people. If something offline gets bothersome my mind is not entirely there. It enters into some other realm when I don’t want it too.

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  4. I’ll be true, I don’t care about how bad a trailer is so I will see both of them and then only could say that they were good or not. But yeah the trailer of Aladin looks kinda … bad but still let’s hope for the best…

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