Spooktober Horror: Alice

Way back when I was a lad, I had aspirations of being a creative story writer. It was only until after high school that I realized creative writing is REALLY hard, and I’ve kind of chilled out on it. However, I like going back and reading my stories, awful they may be. Recently, I started writing again, and one of my more successful stories is … Continue reading Spooktober Horror: Alice

Junji Ito Month – Fixed Face

In Ito’s continuous efforts to make me never want to sit on a chair again, we have Fixed Face. Spoiler-Free Section This time, Ito tackles the fear of medical equipment that looks more like something medieval executioners used to torture information out of peasants. Everybody gets nervous going to the doctor. If you didn’t think something was wrong, then you wouldn’t have gone, right? Of … Continue reading Junji Ito Month – Fixed Face

Create-A-Story: Dancing of Leaves

Irina was kind enough to bequeath me with this tag last Saturday. This was, as usual, after I had commented on my wishes to be tagged soon since I found it so interesting (I’m very subtle about wanting to be tagged.) However, I am sad to say that I got it due to edgyanimeteen, the one originally tagged, being on hiatus for personal reasons, and … Continue reading Create-A-Story: Dancing of Leaves