Spooktober Horror: Alice

Way back when I was a lad, I had aspirations of being a creative story writer. It was only until after high school that I realized creative writing is REALLY hard, and I’ve kind of chilled out on it. However, I like going back and reading my stories, awful they may be. Recently, I started writing again, and one of my more successful stories is … Continue reading Spooktober Horror: Alice

Junji Ito Month – Snow White

Today, we’re reading Junji Ito’s own horrifying (but surprisingly faithful to the source material) variant of this classic fairy tale story! Spoiler Free Section Snow White, like most stories of its kinds, have been adapted, re-imagined and told for hundreds of years since its existence. In fact, the original Snow White story is about as macabre as Junji Ito’s version. In the 1812 version, Snow … Continue reading Junji Ito Month – Snow White