Volcano Eruption In The Philippines! – Life Update

So, I woke up to my feed being FULL of pics of one of our local volcanoes erupting. I can now for real say I slept through a volcano, because the ashfall is starting to, well, fall over here. I live PRETTY far from the volcano’s actual location, but the power surges and ash reached all the way to us down south. It’s nuts! Edit: … Continue reading Volcano Eruption In The Philippines! – Life Update

It’s Been Rough, Guys

I know I said I was back from hiatus, but a string of REALLY bad things just happened to me in quick succession. Some things were lost or possibly stolen, a super typhoon is deadset on competing with the one that arrived last week in Japan is heading for my country and causing trouble, and I just haven’t had the motivation lately. I am really … Continue reading It’s Been Rough, Guys