Spooktober Horror: Alice

Way back when I was a lad, I had aspirations of being a creative story writer. It was only until after high school that I realized creative writing is REALLY hard, and I’ve kind of chilled out on it. However, I like going back and reading my stories, awful they may be. Recently, I started writing again, and one of my more successful stories is … Continue reading Spooktober Horror: Alice

Spooktober Poetry: The Siren by Lumi (Rewrite)

[Repost again, only this time I did a lot of rewriting to make the poem flow better] Hi, I suddenly felt creative today, and made a poem. After reading so much depressing manga over the last few months,I wanted to try my hand at creative writing again after being away from it for so long. A major influence on this was March Comes In Like … Continue reading Spooktober Poetry: The Siren by Lumi (Rewrite)