Spooktober Short Film Review: “Horror”

In celebration of Spooktober, I’ll be reviewing one or two animated horror short films a week! I watched Super Eyepatch Wolf’s video on Horror in Media, where he talks about how animation as a medium has surprisingly few good examples of horror due to its reputation as “kid’s stuff”. Thinking on this, I set out to find as many good animated horror shorts as I … Continue reading Spooktober Short Film Review: “Horror”

Netflix Review: Gantz:O (Spoiler-Free for the first half)

While I was binging Netflix shows last week in between studies, I happened upon a bunch of CG anime movies on by Netflix. I’ve had rough experiences watching CG anime, as a lot of them are stiff and uncanny-valley-like: -took you out of the moment: -or they’re just……….this: But seeing as technology has significantly advanced in the past decade, I thought why not give this … Continue reading Netflix Review: Gantz:O (Spoiler-Free for the first half)