Lumi Rambles About Their Love For Justice and Judgement From Helltaker

Helltaker is a simple puzzle game that has risen (among other things) a number of fans around the world. Sure, it has about as much complexity as those old car park puzzle flash games you played when you weren’t looking at cute 2D girls on Newgrounds-

Car Park Puzzle

-But Helltaker innovates the formula by adding cute 2D girls TO the puzzles!

Helltaker on Steam
Helltaker - Justice Voice - YouTube

The puzzles are honestly nothing to write home about. The real stars of the show are the rad as hell characters. In this game, you are the Helltaker, a man who one day up and decided he wanted a demon girl harem. Lucky for him, our demon girls happen to be in prim office suits and also cute as all hell.

Waifu Alert on Twitter: "Who's the best Helltaker demon girl? 👀… "

The whole idea for this game just speaks to me. I’m a sucker for classy people doing really unclassy things like torture people for all eternity and such. Not to mention, I’ve always been a fan of the concept of Heaven and Hell being these corporate entities. I was first exposed to that idea fully fleshed out while watching Purgatony.

Purgatony (series) | Purgatony Wiki | Fandom

There’s something about the eternal suffering of sinners being treated as an office job that just tickles me. Helltaker really coasts by on the strength of their character designs and personalities alone, and I’m really happy for it. It’s a universe that has a plethora of genres possible within it, not just puzzle games. I can see Helltaker having their own little universe of games with different genres. Helltaker RPG? FPS? Sidescroller?

Dating sim?!

Possibilities are endless.

At this point, you must be curious about who my best girls are. Obviously they all are, but for my pancakes, there’s two designs here that I adore.

Justice may be blind, but I’m not. From what I see, Justice looks rad.

This design wakes up that 13 year old inside me that found shades, improperly wearing uniforms, fingerless gloves, and a generally carefree attitude the coolest thing in the universe. Justice’s personality being so carefree, and not to mention being one of the few demon girls who won’t kill you for saying the wrong thing, I just fell in love with her.

Justice meme format : Helltaker
Platonically, because romance is for squares.

As an adult, I can safely say that Justice’s style is still cool, but in a more chill way instead of the tryhard edgelord way I used to think it was.

The tryhard edgelord stuff is for the next girl.

Judgement (Helltaker) | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Now being chill is cool and all, but what if I wanted to be the opposite of that? You get Judgement, the current High Councilor (which ironically, Justice used to be). I have a theory that Diives, the creator of the game, stole this character from some Studio TRIGGER executive who was vacationing in his country, because the TRIGGER energy is strong with this one. The angular design, over the top A N G E R Y poses and expressions, and general badassery makes for a character who wouldn’t be out of place as a student in Honnoji Academy.

Plus, being a lowkey tsundere helps immensely with her precious energy.

Artist Twitter

All of this is to say, that I really like Helltaker, and if you haven’t checked it out, you REALLY should, especially if you’re waifu game is strong. What is life if not to appreciate strong demon girls?

2 thoughts on “Lumi Rambles About Their Love For Justice and Judgement From Helltaker

  1. I liked Helltaker a lot as well. A VN with all these characters would be great.

    My favorite (favorites?) was Cerberus. I just have a thing for those animal-eared girls, what can I say.

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