I’ve Fallen Into Hololive Hell, And I Choose Not To Get Up

Hi. I haven’t been here in a while, and for the two people who still remember me, you might be curious where I’ve been.

It all started with this clip.

It’s an innocent bit of fun of course, she clearly has no idea what the word is. The enrapturing melody with which the n-word was said, the perfect “Nani?” that coincides with the Franklin’s “what!?” combine into a fun little clip.

Then I started clicking on related videos. Before I knew it, I was too far gone.

Broken Dreams Banner v1.0 : Hololive

Hololive has somehow filled that niche of mine for wacky Let’s-Player shenanigans that I haven’t felt since the days of my grade school when I watched a ton of variety gaming channels.

Except this time, they are cute anime girls.

Once upon a time, it was only Kizuna AI, and she was legitimately the only Vtuber I followed for the longest time. However, as this pandemic forced me to stay home, I found myself dug into a hole of degenerate anime girls that I can’t come out of.

Kizuna Ai is still a fun V-tuber to follow, but the corporate drama and admittedly “cleaner” content made me want to go for somebody different, and Hololive was exactly that. Without my knowing, The V-tuber scene has REALLY exploded in popularity AND variety for the past few years.

With a massive roster of “idols” taking the form of:

  • Yakuza dragon
  • Finger-obsessed doggo
  • Gen X Pirate
  • Elite shrine maiden
  • Literal Looney Tunes character in the shape of an anime girl
  • ……and many more

Hololive is the p e a k of comedy for me at the moment.

This video should give you the rundown.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at right now. I wish I could write more, but everything is just so clouded at the moment. I’ll write when I can, but I did want to share how much I love Hololive and how it’s helping me go through the hell of the real world.

Juuuuust watch out for your fingers.

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12 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen Into Hololive Hell, And I Choose Not To Get Up

  1. I recently discoverd Hololive and have spent most of the weekend watching Coco, Korone, and Pekora videos. This is a terrible time drain but they’re really entertaining, so I don’t care that much.

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  2. i happened to find hololive by a pekora metal bgm in my youtube recommended for some reason.
    now im lost deep down hololive hell
    AH↓ HA↑ HA↑ HA↑

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