Girls Last Tour x Hatsune Miku – The Unexpectedly Depressing Crossover You Never Knew Existed

Hi, with the world practically on it’s way to an early end, I thought of re-reading one of my favorite post-apocalyptic manga of all time, Girls’ Last Tour. While browsing, I found this crossover I never knew was a thing and it’s beautiful. Girls’ Last Tour “episodes” are all independent of each other, and this is no different.

This particular crossover focuses on Yuu and Chi hearing a strange singing, more beautiful than any they’ve heard before, and discovering that the source is no other than Hatsune Miku herself. Much like the machines they have met before, she is slowly deteriorating but is glad at finding humans once more. It’s a melancholy story of how much of human history, even something as ethereal as music, is slowly being forgotten by the planet. Hatsune Miku herself is symbolic of a time long gone, when people could actually listen to music on a whim. What was once something we could just search for on YouTube and listen to, is now basically a creature of myth, almost faerie-like in mysteriousness and beauty.

I won’t go too into it since it’s a short read and I just wanted to bring it to people’s attention, but with everything that’s happening, I feel this strange sense of foreboding.

I doubt the world will end anytime this year, nor even soon. However, Girls’ Last Tour make the poignant point that if anything’s going to end the world-

It’s going to be us. It’s important to keep any semblance of what make us human relevant, and I believe nothing does that more than art. Now, more than ever, escapism is not only a comfort, but a necessity to heal ourselves from all the horrible things happening right now.

Sorry to bum you guys out, but this year has been rough. I feel spent.

Hope you guys are doing well.


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