Lumi Reaches 5oo Followers! A Quick Thank You

Sorry I’m not here often, what with the world ending and all, but that’s just me making excuses for not watching anime and just reading fluff manga. It’s been a grand two years on this site, and while I’m not as active anymore and every post I’ve had this past year acknowledges this, I’m glad there are still people reading my stuff whenever I do post.

A lot of that has to do with a lack of motivation on my part. I don’t want to half-ass something that doesn’t deserve a haphazard analysis. I know great stuff is out there, but I’m just never in the right mind to actually put into words why I love it. There have been exceptions such as the exceptional Eizouken from last season pulling me out of writers’ block for a quick second.

I’m never not using this image.

The brazen but heartfelt portrayal of real mental illness, warts and all, from Asuperu Kanojo

And of course, when I finally finished watching Rascal Does Not Dream Of An Excessively Long Title, the anime that was basically tailor-made to my tastes in anime.

So with all that said and done, I hope ya’ll continue to read my stuff during the rare times I actually post. I still read here from time to time, since I still feel people’s takes here are so chill and relaxing to read compared to literally anywhere else.

See ya soon!

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