Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! – First Impressions

It’s time for me to admit something, I really don’t watch anime seasonally. I don’t have an excuse or anything, I just happen to not have any time for watching stuff.

Except Eizouken, which has been a treat! One of the few times I decide to binge anime is for two reasons: I’m sick, or I find it hilarious and can’t stop watching because it’s just pleasant. The fact that it’s a well-written and creative show is just a bonus. Not to mention, I love it for being simultaneously sakuga and lowres as hell.

Eizouken is a series that is narratively very anime, but the style they decided to go with it reminds me a lot of stuff like Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Image result for eizouken edd ed n eddy
Credit to Alpha Gamboa on Twitter!

It has this energy that a lot of anime don’t really have. Sure, other anime are loud and “bantery”, but it’s anime hyper. I feel like anime hyper these days are about the straightman overreacting to the silly shit around them. This series provides us with something that I always loved about old cartoons, and it was good old fashioned hijinks from a bunch of dorks. All the characters are silly in their own way, but they never go borderline or wink at the camera.

Image result for eizouken

The characters in Eizouken, whose names I know but I refuse to call them by because Goblin, Tall Girl and Normie sound funnier to me, are fantastically written and designed.

I love that they aren’t “anime pretty” in any way, and have personalities that are a lot more in-line with real people as opposed to the usual stereotypes. It would have been too easy to make tall girl a kuudere, or the goblin girl a Yui archetype, but they do very well in making them unique characters. It’s also refreshing to have a cute girls do cute things anime with a surprising lack of fanservice as a crutch.

Okay, maybe a little bit of fanservice

Unfortunately, I’ve heard that the manga for Eizouken is ongoing, which means I’ll have to wait for it to finish if I ever want to see a second season for this great show. In any case, the anime did it’s job and made me want to go out and read the source manga.

If you haven’t watched Eizouken yet, go ahead and watch it!

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