Friday Funsies – MAL’s Most Popular Anime From #50 to #45 (I’m doing lists, guys, send help)

In a FRUITLESS attempt to bring some life to this blog, I’m going to be doing this thing where I talk about popular anime as of, uh, current year and month of January 2020. This is gonna be real messy and real raw thoughts, so if you’re not into that, read on anyway because I don’t care, you need differing opinions in life.

Anyways, I’m bored, I haven’t talked about anime in a while, and I just wanna get into it, so let’s go! I’ll be as spoiler-free as possible. Well, except when I don’t feel like it, but I’ll just warn you and put the spoilers in bold, kinda like this: Snape kills Dumbledore.

50. Koe no Katachi

Image result for koe no katachi x

Not gonna lie, probably the second best movie Kyoto Animation has ever made. What’s the first best, you ask? Well, that one didn’t reach the top 50.

Image result for disappearance of haruhi suzumiya

But we’re not here to talk about the consequences of choosing between two separate realities (especially since I’ve already talked about it), we’re here to talk about Koe no Kotachi.

It’s definitely the best anime about disabled people I have seen since Interviews With Monster Girls. I like that they don’t romanticize any aspect about the characters. In their own little ways, they were all kind of flawed people who have hurt others. I really enjoy it when an anime tackles these kinds of flaws in a realistic way.

Except for Ishida’s mom, she’s a saint.

Image result for miyako ishida

Also, the sound design is stupid good for a movie about a deaf person.

#49 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Image result for evangelion hand

Yes, that is the image I chose, and that’s because it kind of encapsulates what I felt after watching Evangelion. It was satisfying while I was watching it and I had a lot of fun, but at the end, I just feel kind of embarrassed and ashamed of myself for liking these characters.

Image result for asuka langley deepfry meme

That’s not a knock on the writing, I think it was still captivating, but wow, everybody got so fucked in the end that it’s hard to feel good about myself after watching the whole thing. There’s really not much else to say about Evangelion that hasn’t already been said in the last two decades.

It’s pretty good, but the end is kind of a car wreck.

#48 Anohana

Image result for anohana meme

I don’t have much to say about AnoHana that isn’t just full-on spoiler territory. I’ll just say it’s a good anime. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia was a better ghost anime, though.

#47 Death Parade

Image result for death parade dance
Clickbait openings are the best,lmao

Death Parade tricked me into watching an engaging drama about the futility yet overall beauty of the human existence centered around the slow humanization of an apathetic bartender who decides whose soul goes to heaven and whose soul disappears forever-

Image result for death parade

When all I wanted were some wacky woohoo dance segments.

Image result for death parade dance gif
Well, we got ONE wacky woohoo dance segment

10/10, great anime, go and watch it.

#46 Ko-No-Su-Ba!

Image result for konosuba bad animation

Konosuba’s the only Isekai parody that manages to be funny. I think that alone justifies it’s position on the top 50 most popular anime of all time.

Related image
Plus their clearly huge budget

#45 Clannad

Image result for clannad meme

My love for Clannad on this blog is no surprise for anybody who has followed me for some time.

It’s the first anime that made me cry. A lot. In fact, I’m pretty sure watching Clannad made me reset my emotions and turned me into a much more sensitive and caring person. Before I watched, I had already had several bouts of loneliness from being away from friends in a college where I knew nobody. My family was also busy with their own lives and financial troubles, so I had nowhere to turn to but anime. Clannad made me reevaluate just how much of life I was missing by shutting myself away from people and JUST watching anime. So, I decided to go talk to others about Clannad, or just anime in general.

Related image

And here I am now, sharing my uninformed, shotgun reactions to strangers on the internet.

Ain’t life grand?


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