Muse Asia is Bringing Legal HD Episodes of Anime on YouTube (For Asians)

Weird for my semi-comeback post to be shilling something, but hey, what do you expect when I write whenever I feel like it? Not that this is a long post, but I wanted to make people aware of this awesome thing.

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So, I found this really neat channel on YouTube called Muse Asia that has HD streams of a bunch of recent anime, and even a few rom yesteryears. Normally, you probably know that “HD” anime streams on YouTube tend to look like this:

Now imagine watching that one a phone.

To contrast, take a look at this upload from Muse Anime!

Great quality, English subs that are clearly made by people who actually speak English, and best of all, simulcasted. This is Crunchyroll levels of service we’re looking at here.

I’m just so happy that a company has decided to embrace a public platform like YouTube,and I fully intend on supporting this. Sure, it’s got ads, but it’s skippable AND you don’t have to pay every month for it.

Of course, the downsides right now is that since it’s new, they have a ways to go in terms of licensing stuff AND that it’s specific to people who are currently living in Asia (as far as I know). I’ll hold on to my Netflix and Crunchyroll subs for now, but it’s nice to know there’s a free and reliable alternative for some niche anime.

Sorry this is the newest post I have in a while, but on the bright side, I now have no excuse to not watch anime on break because streaming apps on the phone are garbage. Thankfully, YouTube’s app is pretty reliable.

See you on Christmas!

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