That One Time Barbie Talked About Depression

I love falling down rabbit holes, and the most recent one was thanks to a certain suntanned blonde.

I’m a huge fan of collecting toys, if that was not apparent by my last post.

In all my years of playing with and collecting toys, one of the constants that I see on the toy aisles are the Barbie dolls. From fashion runway supermodel to fast food cashier, Barbie has certainly gone through lots of ups and downs in her life.

And presumably a ton of college degrees.

I was mildly surprised when I found out she had a YouTube channel as well. Not Barbie the brand, but Barbie the character.

Move over, Kizuna Ai

I watched through some, and it was really, well-


Wow Lumi, was it all the pink that gave it away or the 70+ years of history as a girl’s toy?

Obviously, not being into the girly stuff, I was quickly losing interest until a title caught my eye.

This video was surprisingly moving. I mean, it’s not like it’s a groundbreaking take or anything, but more of the context around it. Barbie and her mother company Mattel has always built this persona of being super positive and preppy all the time.

God, this picture giving me a sugar high

So, for them to go out of their way to make a video talking about how being sad is okay was fantastic. It’s a good thing to teach kids. In the age of YouTube where so many people are vapid and emotionally manipulative, it’s kinda nuts that one of the most believable vlogs about depression I’ve seen was from a fictional character with a written script.

Vloggers are also just fictional characters with scripts anyways

The animators did a bang-up job, considering their budget. I like that the thumbnail shows Barbie with a slightly forced smile and sad eyes.

I also love that the video has her fidgety and kind of looking away from the camera from time to time. There’s a believable sadness there that kids can immediately see. I know it’s not a “real” person, but there’s a difference to Barbie and a difference from some person pretending to be sad.

Barbie’s video is meant to represent the shifting moods of teenage girls, and so, they made a video that best represented such a feeling. It’s there to give kids the lesson that it’s okay to be sad.

While I’m neither the gender or the age group Barbie caters to, I can appreciate the effort that the Barbie team have put into her channel. It’s generally a more positive and less braindead stream of content for children than watching some random millionaire prank strangers or Elsa hair eating ASMR.

I’m not joking.

56 million kids are clearly unloved by their parents.

It’s not my usual anime reviews, but I found the topic fascinating. Virtual YouTubers are nothing new, but I always have a fun time watching their content to see how well they emulate “real” people.

That’s all for today, and for the record, Barbie > Kizuna Ai.

3 thoughts on “That One Time Barbie Talked About Depression

  1. I have an adorable little neice I recently gave astronaut Barbie and scientist Barbie. Within moments they became naked Barbies, as little girl’s Barbies often do. I noticed that now they appear to have panties permanently affixed. Time Marches on.

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