Friday Funsies: Why Does Hip Hop Pair Perfectly With Anime?

I am a rather huge, although recent, fan of hip hop music. While most people correlate their reasons for being interested in hip hop to be their childhoods, the lyrics, or just being plain catchy, I attribute my interest in the genre (like most of my interests in life) to anime.

Now, when I ask the question in the title, I don’t mean anime that is supposed to have a huge hip hop influence (i.e. Samurai Champloo and Gurren Lagann).

Related image
Lowkey Samurai Champloo was the forefather of lo-fi aesthetic music

Not those. I mean mashups like these.

There is a pleasant sort of dissonance in hearing these hardened rappers who faced police oppression in their own neighborhoods, rising up to their current status and bragging about it, followed up by the saccharine singing of Japanese schoolgirls. It’s gap moe to the nth extreme.

There’s a long history of these kinds of mashups since the beginning of YouTube. If battle shounen harem anime could fit with heavy metal, why not idol anime with hip hop music? Triple Q is one of my favorite channels on YouTube that has provided us with a plethora of these mashups, my favorite of which is the cleverly titled How Low Can μ Go. Listen to it below!

The clever use of the n-word (nico nico nii) was amazing

I think this just speaks to a weird part of my brain that likes seeing things that shouldn’t be together work great together.

It’s absurd and yet surprisingly high quality is what keeps me coming back. I will continue to watch both anime and hip hop so that I can appreciate these masterful mashups even more.

Also, remember how there’s so many amazing anime out right now that is pushing the boundaries of narrative and animation like Attack on Titan Season 3 and such?
Well, I’m happy to tell you instead of watching those, I watched Shamiko being a failure.

Review next week, peace out!

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