Lumi’s Answering Those Tags Now – Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks to Crow for the nomination. I FEEL like I’ve been tagged before for this one, so forgive moi if I literally forgot, person who nominated me first. Either way, hey, I’m doing the thing now!

The Rules for This Shindig:

  1. Display the logo (should be above).
  2. Thank the bloggers for the award (already done!).
  3. Answer the questions from the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers.
  5. Ask them 7 questions.

The Questions

What do you think makes your blog special — either to you or your readers?


Image result for anime narcissist

That’s not being a narcissist or anything. The only difference between all of these other anibloggers is that I’m the only one who is me. I’m just hoping that what I am and what I like happens to be liked by others.

When you first started your blog, what did you think would be the most enjoyable part of blogging?

Sharing my thoughts about anime to a bunch of people, especially anime I loved. 2018 was such an active year for me, and I’m kinda sad I’ve been on a bit of a downturn these past few months.

What do you think is the most enjoyable part of blogging now?

About the same really, but honestly a bit more muted. I still love this community, but I’m taking a backstep from writing more than once a week.

You’ve been charged with revitalizing the Isekai genre. How would you do it?

Image result for anime beating dead horse

If a doctor is given a corpse, he’s not gonna be bringing out the defibrillator. Like ever oversaturated genre, I think it’s time we put it out to pasture and look at other genres.

If I HAD to Frankenstein’s Monster this genre, I would just do reverse isekais all the time, because I love fish out of water stories.

Image result for mgronalds

Excepting my site and yours, what is your favorite blog post? If that’s too broad, what’s your favorite blog post in the last month?

In the last month, Jenn’s post about anime and escapism was an honest look at how anime helps people through tough times. While I am the opposite (I only watch anime when I am in green pastures), I can understand how much anime can anchor somebody who feels lost. Plus, Jenn’s back, and she’s one of the first blogs I followed, so go ahead and give her a follow!

What advice would you have for new anime bloggers trying to get started?

Just write your thoughts down, whatever it is. Documenting your thoughts goes a long way towards the foundations of your blog.

What one anime character do you most identify with, and why?

Related image

I honestly have no clue. I often treat anime characters as individuals who are very separate from them, and while I empathize with them, I don’t think I’ve lived enough life to even remotely feel like any of them more than general feelings.

If I’m being honest, any anime character with bad anxiety in regards to their everything is relatable to me.

My Questions:

I’m a relatively chipper person who loves the most depressing stories, so that’s gonna be the theme for this.

  1. What book has upset you the most?
  2. What character in fiction’s story arc left you the saddest?
  3. What do you feel about escapism in fiction?
  4. What musical theme immediately starts the waterworks for you?
  5. Why do some people associate feeling sad as meaning the show is bad?
  6. Is it necessary to use vulgar language for a mature story?
  7. What makes you happy right now?


Hey, I posted this week! See you next year!

7 thoughts on “Lumi’s Answering Those Tags Now – Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions!

    It took me a second to realize what the South Park screen cap showed — they I busted out laughing.

    It sounds as if you’d like to write more. If that’s the case, I hope you can! I enjoy your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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