Spooktober Finale: What Scares Me?

The real horror is realizing I was too busy/lazy to make daily posts. So today, to celebrate the 31st of October, I will be rambling about things I find scary from a bunch of stuff I shove into my face and ears.

Anime Series: Attack On Titan

Wait, for real?


Attack on Titan isn’t “scary” to me because of the Titans. Hell, the threat could be zombies, ghosts or whatever. What makes Attack on Titan so scary to me was seeing how these characters I liked and admired die horribly.

Not dying confused or shocked, but horribly maimed while yelling in terror. There’s this uncomfortable and gross feeling inside me that I feel everytime I see a character who was once so cool and confident die crying and screaming.

It’s so unsettling and sad to see these strong people become weak in the face of their imminent deaths. It makes me think “Would I react the same way if I died in such a horrible way?” That no matter how badass you are, you can still die, and die in the worst way possible.

It’s a thought that makes me want to be stronger than I really am.

Honorable Mentions:


Much like Attack on Titan, these anime show off the darker sides of humanity. That gross underbelly that lies in our everyday lives is honestly more terrifying to me than any ghoul or ghost. Honestly, I’m at a point in life that I WANT to get haunted. At least I can’t do nothin about ghosts.

True Horror.

Movies: Audition

I refuse to spoil this movie, but I will list say that it’s a movie that gets so intense and terrifying that Quentin Tarantino, director of such family friendly hits Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds and Kill Bill, and Eli Roth, director of lovely movies such as The Green Inferno and Hostel found it sickening.

Pictured: not sickening

I’d say leave it to the imagination, but this movie’s way too good to pass up. If you feel like avoiding nice Japanese ladies for the rest of the year, watch this movie.

Honorable Mention: How Much Money Crappy Blair Witch Ripoffs Make

I fear how easy it is for hacks to make money, and how much it has stifled and demotivated so many creative people from trying. Why try when you can shake a camera a few times then have a guy in a scary mask be on screen for two seconds to jumpscare people?

Ah, the fear of capitalism at work.

Music: Jack Stauber

Jack Stauber is a brilliant man who makes catchy music with inventive visuals, but he also makes me realize how much of my life I am wasting on mistakes and unfounded anxieties.

Also, claymation just plain gives me the creeps. These things should not be having emotions so real.


In all seriousness, please binge his songs and animations. They are some of the best artsy stuff currently on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Spooktober Finale: What Scares Me?

  1. Oh gosh, Jack Stabuer has always been such an abstract yet deep artist to me. I’m glad to see you included him in this post. He definitely deserves the recognition he gets!

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