Spooktober: Lumi’s Quick And Dirty Anime Cosplay Guide – Demon Slayer Edition!

I have no cosplay experience at all, I have whatever the opposite of a green thumb for sewing is, and to top it all of, I have zero fashion sense.

So who better to give you costume advice this Halloween,right?

There’s so many anime characters to choose from, so for this article, I’m just gonna do a quick rundown of Demon Slayer’s iconic outfits, and how we can recreate them, at any cost. Today, we’ll focus on the main leads of this great anime!


Image result for tanjiro

Tanjiro has a distinct and unique design, with lots of greens and reds, and of course, spiky hair. Now, it’s actually super simple to do a Tanjiro cosplay.

Step 1: Make a Midoriya Izuku Cosplay

Related image

Fun Fact: Tanjiro is actually just a rip-off of Deku’s outfit in the famous anime Boku no My Hero Academia! To create a Tanjiro cosplay, we have to start with the very character his design was based on!

Step 2: Instead of wearing the suit, cut the cloth into a blanket shape.

Image result for green and black blanket

Tanjiro’s not gonna be wearing a jumpsuit in the early 1920s. We cut the cloth into a blanket shape, and we drape it over our shoulders. Voila, we have our haori, which in Japanese stands for blanket jacket. I think. Don’t quote me on that.

Step 3: Dye your wig red

I suggest using demon’s blood to dye your hair for maximum authenticity. Do the same to your pants and boots, but also cover them in dirt.

Voila, we have our perfect Tanjiro cosplay!

See, even Google knows where Tanjiro got his outfit from.

2. Nezuko

Image result for nezuko nae nae
Source: u/M-AyotimS9 on Reddit

Nezuko’s also an easy cosplay! While she doesn’t have an easy base to use like Tanjiro, the rest of her wardrobe is surprisingly easy to find.

Step 1: Get a lot of blankets to make jackets out of

So according to the site, we’ll need a pink blanket with a star pattern. This is beautiful symbolism for the fact that Nezuko has pink eyes and is also the star of the show. For these, kids’ towels can be a handy replacement as they all usually have some gaudy patterns to complete the look.

Image result for pink and white star blanket

A red and white checkered obi, which is basically just a picnic blanket. This is actually brilliant symbolism as well, because this symbolizes Nezuko’s constant hunger and desire to go out and have a picnic with her family.

Image result for picnic blanket

And lastly, a black haori, which as we’ve established is a blanket jacket. Just get a black blanket and drape it over your shoulders. Boom, Nezuko!

Step 2: Buy the S.H. Figuarts Super Mario Bros Diorama B

Image result for mario playset green pipe

Bamboo isn’t exactly something most of us have handy (unless you live in Japan or China). Nobody wants to go halfway around the world for a cosplay. Don’t worry, I have the perfect solution. Do you see that familiar looking green pipe in the image above? Doesn’t it look PERFECT as a replacement for her bamboo? Just buy two sets of the S.H. Figuarts Super Mario Bros Diorama B and we can assemble our iconic bamboo!

Or you can be lame and just buy a green PVC pipe or some painted toilet paper roll, IDK.

Step 3: Pink Eyes

Image result for nezuko baby mode

The iconic pink eyes are crucial to a perfect Nezuko cosplay. Contacts are all well and good, but our funds are a little short buying that full Deku cosplay and two sets of S.H. Figuarts Super Mario Bros Diorama B.

Instead, let’s do an all-natural and free way to get those beautiful pink eyes.

There is no cheaper and more natural way to get those pink eyes you desire than, well, getting pinkeye. There are multiple ways to get pink eye, but most of them are nasty and gross. What we want is an authentic pink color without actually damaging our eyes. How do we do that?

Sorry about this.

Are you done watching? Look in the mirror. Hey look, all that crying has given you those pink eyes! Isn’t that just dandy?

There we go! Your Nezuko cosplay is complete. Don’t worry about the tears, that’s a pretty authentic feature for a girl who lost her entire family and turned into a baby demon.

3. Zenitsu

Image result for zenitsu jollibee
Credit: Jollibee

You know the drill at this point! Blankets are your best friend, so we’ll skip over you stealing yellow tablecloth from your sister’s quinceanera and skip to the one most important feature of all:

Only Step: Hair

Image result for zenitsu

Zenitsu’s hair is actually quite a process. The flat ends, red and yellow tint and general messiness is hard to simulate with a wig.

Luckily, I found this amazing tutorial online for creamy roasted red pepper linguine pasta that you can cook in one large batch and dump it onto your head! Wear a headband for structure.

Image result for cheesy linguine

Not only does it perfectly capture Zenitsu’s hair, it’s also a great snack to eat at whatever con or party you go to. Just mind the peppers, they can get hot really quickly if left for too long without movement.

4. Inosuke

Image result for inosuke minecraft
Source: Reddit by u/Shiktiki

Inosuke’s cosplay is easy from the neck down, provided you are fit and all. If not, no worries, that’s what I’m here for.

Step 1: Rock hard abs

Image result for realistic muscle shirt

Just get a muscle suit. What are we, productive adults with a solid workout schedule? P’shaw, just buy your abs online. Cheaper and less painful than a gym membership. Just don’t crouch too much or those ungodly folds will reveal your lies.

Step 2: Fur Belt

Image result for inosuke

Buy a ferret.

Image result for brown ferret

Why not just buy a real fur belt, you ask? First of all, shame on you for buying fur products of dead animals, and second of all, why buy dead fur when you can have perfectly alive fur? That fur pelt isn’t just for show, that’s a real ferret biting him near his nether regions.

It’s authentic.

From the show, we know that’s a BIG ferret, or at least two ferrets wrapped around each other. Either way, just get enough ferrets, tie them to a rope around your waste, and let the cosplay squeak and bite for itself.

Step 3: Boar’s Head

Related image

Now, the most difficult part of our cosplay yet, and possibly of all the costumes. A wild boar is nothing to scoff at, and hunting one down isn’t gonna be feasible for our desk/bed/couch-ridden selves. Thankfully, my country has the perfect solution!

Image result for biggest lechon

Lechon! Nobody wants the head anyway, so that’s a perfectly useful head for cosplay just ripe for the taking, and already brown to boot. However, it’s not nearly furry enough for our cosplay, so to fur it up, we have these:

Image result for walis tambo

With some glue, our pig’s head can turn into a close, and most importantly, authentic approximation of the head we see in the show. Just like Zenitsu’s hair, we can snack on the inside of our head while in the con! Just be weary of any hungry con goers, or you might find yourself a head short of an Inosuke cosplay.

That’s my quick and dirty guide to the cosplay of Demon Slayer done! Let me know if you’ll be trying these totally amazing techniques for your own Halloween costume this year!

4 thoughts on “Spooktober: Lumi’s Quick And Dirty Anime Cosplay Guide – Demon Slayer Edition!

  1. Hahaha, Zenitsu’s hair photo made me laugh. XD Same with the boar’s head. I think if you ever do a Dr. Stone post, Senku’s wig should be self-explanatory (green onions)!

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