Friday Night Frights: 5 Things That Scare Anime Fans

I realized something while reviewing Junji Ito stories, and that’s that he didn’t do a whole lot of standalone stuff. Starting next week, I might actually change up the reviews in some way. However, that won’t stop me from posting some spooks everyday. Today, let’s talk about some things that your typical anime fan might find horrifying.

5. Lewds

Image result for handholding censored

Specifically, the lewding of lolis. We live in a degenerate society that connects other degenerates faster than you can call the FBI. It’s the nature of the internet, hell, one of its core rules is that all things must be lewded eventually.

Image result for fbi loli

Obviously, the people who lewd lolis are anime fans themselves, which is what makes it even more scary for you novice weeaboos completely normal and experienced anime fans. The torque an anime fan generates from their neck when they see a lewd of their anime characters is enough to snap their necks and kill them, if an anime fan had any life to snuff out.

Image result for shaft head tilt

4. Studio Changes

It’s always a fear for anime fans when they hear an anime is changing hands. It’s like if Van Gogh decided to only do half of Starry Starry Night and there’s a 50/50 chance it will go to Salvador Dali or an 18 year old art school dropout.

And in BOTH cases, the styles will be so different from Starry, Starry Night that most fans will claim that the studio has ruined the work. I’m on the fence about this fear. On one hand, I loved the shift of Oregairu’s artstyle from the sharp, angular and almost cartoonish of Brains Base to the more realistically proportioned and glossy style of Studio Feel.

Image result for oregairu s1 vs s2 art

On the other hand, I really enjoyed how garbage the animation by DEEN was for Konosuba, and I actually feel like J.C. Staff’s more generic and properply proportioned approach might hurt the comedy.

Image result for konosuba jc staff vs deen
Image result for konosuba ugly animation
DEEN just understands the fundamentals of squash and stretch guys, come on!


Image result for dubs anime

Oh no, my favorite anime has been localized in a language I can understand! My country butchered this once great anime with their over the top/monotone acting. There’s apparently no in-between for those two things to people who hate dubs.

Personally, I really like a lot of dubs. I like subs most of the time, don’t get me wrong. However, there are some legitimately great dubs out there there that can improve on the anime. As my pic above, Cowboy Bebop’s English dub is and always will be the superior version, and I will die on this hill.

Image result for spirited away dub

Spirited Away’s dub was also a good one. In fact, I’ve watched most of the Ghibli movies in English! The cast are always composed of Disney regulars that actually know a thing or two about voice acting.

Now I admit that I do understand people’s fears. Most probably do appreciate professional voice talent, but most of the time, ESPECIALLY IN THE 90s, we get the unpaid intern who has to somehow do a terrifyingly deep voice despite literally just coming out of puberty a month before.

2. Normiefication of Anime

Image result for normie anime

Admittedly, every fandom ever has these kinds of fears. Nobody likes when “their” thing starts being used in the mainstream. However, anime fans are a bit more guilty of this than others. There’s this huge gatekeeping mantra amongst the general anime fandom that anybody who only likes a certain type of anime (AKA things that they don’t like), they’re not anime fans.

Pardon me, but liking something makes them a fan of something. Are they hardcore fans? Probably not. But they are definitely real fans. The fact that being a “real fan” is a privilege and not a basic fact is preposterous, and I find that kind of gatekeeping more terrifying than the normies.

Image result for watamote normies
Same, Tomoko. Same.

1. Season 2 (the lack thereof)

Related image

Wow, that was an amazing first season! I can’t wait to get season 2 for some answers!

Haruhi Suzumiya fans:

Image result for skeleton tired gif

This is a fear I totally sympathize with. There’s nothing worse than an anime that builds up to something awesome, and then you excitedly wait for the announcement of season 2. You pass around dream studios, seiyuus for new characters, and even share fanart. Months pass, and you get excited when an update is posted to the site with a countdown clock. THIS IS IT, you say to yourself.

Image result for gurren lagann countdown on website

It’s a pachinko machine.

Image result for gurren lagann pachinko
The Anti-Spiral had a point.

There’s a whole host of reasons why a season 2 never happens. Maybe the plot was wrapped up (lol), maybe the light novel sold so many copies the author didn’t feel the need for a second season (but why tho) or the anime was beaten in popularity by some slice of life anime about little girls learning about baseball in Japan during the Taisho era or something.

Image result for Taishō Baseball Girls

It always sucks to not get more of a good thing, and this is one anime fan fear that is completely justified.

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Frights: 5 Things That Scare Anime Fans

  1. I can relate to number one so much. Worse than not having season 2, though, is when it has a season 2, and 3… And then the story is left in the middle haha xD I would say, creators going in a hiatus is also a huge fear. That’s what happened with my favorite Anime of all time – Nana, and other nice shows like HunterxHunter 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Normiefication of Anime”

    Not really something to fear but rather to dread because it is going to happen regardless. Most anime will be as bland as anything from Disney in the 90s. Yet there will also be room for creativity and diversity to sneak thru.

    For a great anime to pass away before its time is also painful. So much unfulfilled potential!

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  3. Great list Lumi all perfect examples of what fans do fear. I would have put not getting second seasons as number one, but in some cases the announcements have appeared out of nowhere beforehand so !!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very enjoyable list. I also immediately thought of Oregairu when I got to #4.

    Half-expected unfaithful manga -> anime adaptations to be on it though! Sheesh, that one drives people crazy 90% of the time!


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