Spooktober: SCP-████ – “Oversimplified SCP”

[Spooky Repost, oOooOoh]

A scanned page of SCP-████ detailing SCP-173

Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A paperback copy of SCP-████ is to be stored in a standard file cabinet at Site-█ █ and is to be constantly updated with any new chapters that original author releases. This copy is to be duplicated in the form of volumes, and released to the SCP staff according to the author’s discretion.

All online versions of SCP-████ are to be censored appropriately but not taken down.

Description: SCP-████ is a growing collection of abridged information about various SCPs currently recorded in the SCP Foundation’s databases. SCP-████ takes on the appearance of a manga with a simplistic artstyle designed to convey the primary traits of an SCP.

SCP-████ is currently updated every 1-2 weeks, and is ongoing. As of the time of the writing of this document, over 81 main chapters have been released.

The first chapter of SCP-████, detailing SCP-173, was found online by Junior Researcher ████ while browsing the social website “reddit” during work hours, and they immediately reported it to other researchers in fear of a possible data leak. Upon reading, it was discovered that SCP-████ was simply abridging the already existing records of SCP-173 currently found online. In addition, SCP-173 was accompanied by 10 other records of SCPs, and are also appropriately abridged and censored by the author. SCP-████ was translated and posted onto reddit by u/DungSC127.

The whereabouts of the author and u/DungSC127 have been found by Foundation Agents,but as of the writing of this document, no contact is to be made with them. Only standard observation procedures are required.

New chapters are posted every 1-2 weeks, depending on the speed of the translator and author. Reception to SCP-████ has been positive, with many new readers being inspired to read more about the Foundation from the original sources. As of the time of this writing, ██ new junior researchers have been hired by the Foundation thanks to them discovering the existence of the Foundation through SCP-████.

█ of them have since been demoted to D-class.

It has been noted that SCP-████ has given a much lighter tone to the reality of what the SCP foundation does through its “cute” artstyle. Many researchers have become more empathetic to certain SCPs, or at the very least, less afraid of the more dangerous ones. This improvement to morale has been noted by the Foundation and led to the distribution of SCP-████ to all research staff for leisure purposes. The Ethics Commitee is overall pleased with this development, but still urges staff to not make any assumptions about any SCP from a humorous retelling of it by SCP-████.

Any attempts to number SCP-████ has been met with the number becoming ████. It has been theorized by researchers that due to the constant discovery of new SCPs everyday, SCP-████ chooses to not take a spot from a possible future records to avoid any conflicting data. It was this trait that elevated SCP-████ from Anomalous to SCP status, as this implies sentience and a need to “adjust” to newfound SCP.


████████ 02/27/2019: A new chapter, exact in style and writing to SCP-████, was released, and detailed an SCP currently not on record on any public website, but was not translated by u/DungSC127. Instead, a u/█████ translated it, and detailed an excessive amount of uncensored details about [DATA EXPUNGED]. Foundation staff quickly cleansed any trace of it from all websites, and tracked down the translator’s IP address at ████████, but found that it was right in the middle of the border between India and Pakistan. No devices capable of accessing the internet were found by Agents at the location.

The author was observed 24/7 and was never once seen drawing or conceptualizing said chapter. It is unknown if this was an instance of SCP-████ or something else entirely.

████████ (O5-5), 02/28/2019: Directed that SCP-████ to be reclassified as Euclid in light of the possible information leaks that SCP-████ is capable of. The appeal to detain the author of SCP-████ is currently pending.

Researcher ████’s note: While the manga chapters so far have not been too disruptive of workplace efficiency, we have a staggering amount of junior researchers suddenly becoming more empathetic to female SCPs, and way more eager in the caretaking of feline SCPs. Need I remind you that this is a professional work environment, and the motivation of having SCP-085 as your “waifu” does not fall under “professional”, nor do I think she would appreciate you viewing her as a “waifu.” Any requests for visits to an SCP under the pretense of petting them or conversing with them about your feelings is an immediate rejection.

████ing weebs.

– Lumi

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