Spooktober: Lost Pokemon Episodes

Okay, so the dailies were legitimately fun to do. I liked having something new to read then sharing my thoughts on it. However, it’s REALLY hard to do it when stuff gets real busy at work. Confession time, I usually write during downtime over here. There wasn’t a lot of downtime last Friday as I spent most of it building tables and chairs for new hires! Also files. Lots and lots of files.

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Plus, my well of Junji Ito standalones have dried up. The rest of his work are volumes of connected chapters. So instead of doing a daily, I’ll just be doing whatever the hell I wan this Spooktober UNTIL the last quarter of October. I’ll hopefully be doing a Junji Ito week and do full reviews of the volumes that I’ll be able to read. For the rest of the month, I shall be posting stuff I find spooky that may or may not be anime related. Who knows?

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Anyways, I don’t like just update posts, so here’s some rare Pokemon episodes that were hard to find. How is this spooky? Because it’s a g h o s t episode. Yes, I am stretching today.

1. Legend of Dratini

Image result for "The Legend Of Dratini"

In the above episode “Legend of Dratini”, we get a ton of guns being pointed at main characters. Obviously, none of them get shot, but suddenly having an old man with a gun start shooting wildly at established characters probably didn’t fly really well with Western audiences. I’m honestly just more entertained by how much a very real revolver contrasts with the bright and happy anime aesthetic.

2. Cyber Soldier Porygon

Image result for cyber porygon episode

There’s of course the infamous “Cyber Soldier Porygon” episode that in itself is a spooky fun fact, because it apparently caused epileptic seizures to the children unfortunate enough to have watched it. So much so that Porygon (until recently) never got any focus or even an evolution until very recently.

Even though it was all Pikachu’s fault, because it was his attacks that caused the flashing lights in that episode. Do you wanna know the best part? No kids actually got seizures from watching the episode. It was only a bunch of overprotective parents who assumed that their children would develop seizures.

Image result for Pikachu smug
To be fair, Pikachu didn’t evolve either.

3. Pikachu and Picchu

Image result for pikachu and pichu

“Pikachu and Pichu” is an interesting one. It wasn’t so much the episode itself, but the person associated with it. The narrator of this cute little episode was an actor involved in a huge drug scandal named Noriko Sakai. His narration of a kids episode seems much less charming in light of that fact.

Image result for pokemon drugs

4. “Ash and Passimian! Touchdown of Friendship!!”

Image result for "Ash and Passimian! Touchdown of Friendship!!"

This one’s a bit nuts. The episode “Ash and Passimian! Touchdown of Friendship!!”, was apaprently taken down for accusations of Ash wearing blackface. Even though the context of the episode wasn’t even remotely close to mimicking any ethnic race, but a literal animal. It’s like calling Batman a racist for wearing a black cowl and cape.

This episode is more like a friendlier version of those hunters from Princess Mononoke.

Related image
These guys are DEFINITELY racist, though.

5. Disaster Episodes

Image result for "Tentacool and Tentacruel"

Honestly, there’s too many of these episodes to count. Earthquakes in Japan, ships sinking in Asian waters, 9/11, and so many more disasters caused plenty of Pokemon episodes to not air (until a few years after the incidents had happened). It’s standard practice for the time, but one episode’s exclusion from airing that astounds me was one called “Tower of Terror”, purely because it sounded like a 9/11 headline. The actual episode had very nothing to do with planes crashing into buildings. The best part was that it was the cream in the 3-arc Oreo of a story arc at the time, so that’s some great pacing there, guys.

Image result for pokemon 9/11

That’s all for today. Hopefully I actually start putting out stuff daily!

2 thoughts on “Spooktober: Lost Pokemon Episodes

  1. I remember way back when, how confused I was that Ash suddenly had a Tauros. Wasn’t until much later that I learned about “Legend of Dratini”. Dratini is so cute, sad that its episode was skipped.

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