Junji Ito Month – Futon

I hope you aren’t reading this in a blanket, because today’s story is all about how bad not getting out of it can get.

The premise of this story is quite simple. A man, after eloping with his girlfriend, suddenly refuses to leave his futon in fear of the “demons.” His girlfriend has to take care of his every need, up to changing his diapers because he refuses to even leave to go to the bathroom. The girlfriend works everyday at a factory for menial pay, only to go home to take care of his adult boyfriend. It’s mentally and physically taxing, for obvious reasons. Just when she was about to lose it, she wakes up one night to see something very strange.

Usually, I like to do a spoiler-free section, but this story is so short and the reveal so early that I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you to read it right now!

Read Futon here.

Spoiler Town











100% more effective than any anti-drug PSA

She suddenly starts to see the demons everywhere, and Tomio explains that he had invited a woman into their apartment. A woman who in fact turned out to be a demon. The girlfriend then runs out of the apartment, and doesn’t come back until a month later, leading us to one of the grossest reveals in Junji Ito’s entire catalogue.

Is it weird that I’m thinking of Mozarella Cheese?

The reveal is that the blanket had been infested by a strange bacteria that caused hallucinations. This is just gross. Junji Ito did too good of a job giving us that flaky yet stretchy texture from the blanket being slowly lifted. The fact that it’s not cobwebs, but actual bacteria that grew to that extent? It’s a germaphobe’s worst nightmare, quite literally.

Hallucinogens often do come from fungi and plants, which are ripe with bacteria. While Junji Ito’s bacteria is likely an imaginary one, real hallucinogens can in fact cause hallucinations even in their raw forms. Junji Ito does a fantastic job of making a simple concept of a fungi and blanket plus time absolutely disgusting.

Everybody’s probably had to clean an old house at some point and found some things that looked and smelled weird. Now the next time you do it, you have the fear of possibly having a hallucination, thanks to Ito!


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