Sick in Bed Impressions: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

I am currently delirious with flu and bedridden, so it’s a short post. Hilariously, this meant that my brother watching anime in the same room has forced me to catch up with a bunch of shows I’ve missed.

One that caught my eye was the Life of Saiki K. Now, I didn’t watch this from the start. In fact, I woke up in the middle of my brother watching the 16th episode. What I DID wake up to was pretty hilarious. Something about a perfect date?

And the same redhead kid Saiki being Santa dealing with a bunch of brats? Wait, also he’s a psychic?

Regardless of the gags, I want to talk about the comedy in this show. Despite the different gags, the tone of the comedy is consistent. There’s never a moment I’m not smiling or chuckling, because the show has no brakes. The way the characters speak, the back-to-back jokes, and even the animation are all done at breakneck speeds. They fit a lot of humor into some stupidly mundane situations.

Saiki is the perfect tsukommi, and what makes that fact interesting is how weird he’s supposed to be compared to normal people. He’s played up as this normal dude, but he quite literally stands out from the rest whenever he’s onscreen with his bizarre appearance.

My favorite joke with his character is definitely how de-emphasized his powers are. He always uses his powers for mundane tasks, and it’s not even in the foregroud or the focus of the joke. He just kinda does that stuff everyday, and I don’t know why that tickles my funny bone so much.

Most of the actual jokes and scenarios are hilarious, though. In contrast to Saiki, EVERYBODY ELSE is the boke. The fact that a psychic esper with a salad bowl of powers is the least weird character in this show says a lot about how strange everybody else is.

Now that I think about it, maybe the reason the pacing of the show is a mile a minute is because Saiki reads thoughts. With how fast we think in realtime, it makes sense Saiki thinks and hears everything that much faster.

I can’t really say much more than that. This show is weird and funny, and I actually like it. A good respite from my immune system doing a crap job of being an immune system.

Also, girl Saiki is waifu material.

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