Anime Movie Review: Weathering With You (2019)

I just watched it, and while I left feeling oddly disappointed FOR A MOMENT, it gave way to a more positive and thought-provoking mood a bit later. My love for Your Name may have colored my expectations of what this movie was trying to do.

Comparing it with Your Name is honestly unfair, because this movie is so different from Your Name. I feel like some of the issues people take with the movie will be most centered around the fact that it wasn’t Your Name 2.


I did have my problems with it. Namely, to quote the movie Whiplash “WERE YOU RUSHING, OR ARE YOU DRAGGING?”. The pacing was a bit off, especially in the second act. At certain points in the movie, I felt it was meandering. However, it started rushing things a lot once it got to the third act.

Plus, the movie turned out to be a bit different from what I thought it was gonna be about. I won’t spoil too much in this post, but I feel like I should say this right now if you plan on watching it. The movie’s not REALLY about the romance.

It explores the weather aspect a LOT deeper than I first thought it would. The main characters being a representative of humanity as a whole and how it deals with the seasons is impactful and thought-provoking.

While I can’t say it was better than Your Name (that movie emotionally resonates with me on a different level), I CAN say Weathering With You made me think a lot more about it afterwards.

I don’t at all regret seeing it in theaters, because the visuals and audio in a big screen with surround sound cannot be replicated on a TV screen. The way it portrays rain as this beautiful but also dangerous force is gorgeous. The sounds, the animation, and all of the technical aspects are perfect.

After some internalizing, I loved what the movie ended up being about. It’s different but like Makoto Shinkai himself said, he set out to make a more “criticizable” movie, and he has succeeded. The ending is gonna leave me with a lot of thoughts over the next few days.

In conclusion, Weathering With You offers a very human story about human nature and it’s relationship with, well, “nature’s” nature. If you haven’t seen it, go put and do!

8 thoughts on “Anime Movie Review: Weathering With You (2019)

  1. Now, it’s the only Shinkai film I haven’t watched and/or reviewed yet. I wondered how that would go. I know it’s going to look great regardless, but I’m sure the story will be fine. In my opinion, my Shinkai standard bearer for me is The Place Promised In Our Early Days even though I get why people really really like Your Name.

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      1. You should. I know it’s an older Shinkai work, but the plot and characterization are so good in that one. The usage of parallel universes is so creative and that movie has my favorite love triangle in it.

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