New Teaser for Junji Ito’s Uzumaki is all kinds of unsettling (and I LOVE IT)

Close your eyes. Listen to this trailer. Seriously, you’ll find that you’ll be absolutely unsettled and you don’t even know why.

They’ve done it. I don’t even care if the anime adaptation is gonna suck now (It won’t) because this trailer just fully realized what I never though Uzumaki would sound like.

A macabre, beautiful and ear-piercingly horrrifying orchestra of chaotic, spiralling music by Colin Stetson, who COMPOSED one of the best horror movies of yesteryear, Hereditary.

They went for the black and white.

They will not be bloating it as evidenced by the fact that this is a 4 episode mini-series.

It was announced with Junji Ito literally drawing beside them, showing that he is fully behind the adaptation.

It’s directed by the guy who directed the anime adaptations of Mushishi and Flowers of Evil.

I cannot begin to contain my excitement. This is so bold and yet so faithful to the source that I shudder to think how disappointed I’ll be if this sucks. However, I will instead foolishly believe that this is gonna be the best horror anime of 2020, because hope is what makes the terror all the more palpable.


Me right now.

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