Get Moe-vated! – How Anime Has Inspired Me To Go Out And Do Stuff

It’s funny. I can have all of my friends and family telling me to learn something, and I will stubbornly refuse to because I’m lazy. The moment a fictional anime character does something and I think “Oh man, that’s sick, I wanna do that”, I literally go out and do it after a few days.

Anime has this influence on my actions that is both amazing and concerning. Whenever I fail to do a task I promised myself I would do, the first thing I think is “I’m such a hypocrite”. I hate it when people watch a show or read a manga with great life lessons or advice, and yet they don’t bother to follow it. They feel good because they know they get the lesson, but they don’t go out and actually do the said lesson.

Image result for k-on mugi piano gif
Why keyboard is love

I’m guilty of that as well, which is why most of my passions are, if ever so slightly, fueled by spite towards my own lethargic tendencies.

The very first time I genuinely felt like anime had a positive impact on my life was when I first watched Shokugeki no Soma back in 2016. It managed to add that flair to cooking that I never knew I loved. The recipes, the passion, the experimentation, it all spoke to me.

Which is funny, because I had zero interest in cooking until I watched Shokugeki.

Image result for shokugeki no soma food

The first time I tried cooking, it was a simple sunny side up egg, over easy. You’d think having “easy” in the name meant it would be, but they really should call it over-hard-as-hell-why-does-the-yolk-turn-into-scrambled-egg. That egg took me weeks to get, but when I did, I felt happy. Like, genuinely happy about something I learned for the first time in a while.

Image result for egg on fire
Burnt eggs aside, of course

Cooking made me feel like I finally knew how to do something worth knowing. It was the first life skill I learned that I could feel genuinely happy about learning more about. It’s a passion of mine that I will most definitely never stop to improve upon, because cooking is always evolving.

I even made Omurice once. I should REALLY get around to making anime food again.

Working out was a different story altogether. It wasn’t JUST anime that inspired me to work out, but it was the one that pushed me into actually starting. I’ve already been really conscious of how scrawny I was, so I did what every person with a complex would do, and that’s try to compensate by being swole af.

Working out has also been made infinitely more enjoyable thanks to the manga Danberu, which has some legitimate tips that I have definitely used as a beginner to exercise properly. It’s basically a moe manual for getting buff.

Image result for danberu manga squats
This is real, you go do this right now, it’s the proper form.

It’s definitely fanservice, but let me remind you that Danberu is in the same universe as Kengan Asura, so EVERYBODY gets fanserviced to hell and back. What matters is that they are the idealized representations of what most Japanese people want to look like bodywise, but again, this being manga, stop taking things so seriously and just enjoy the muscles.

Image result for kengan asuraohma

Of course, following the cliche of the modern anime fan who wants to get fit, Deku was a huge inspiration. I mean, if a 15 year old bookworm can find the motivation to get buff, what’s my excuse as somebody who doesn’t even HAVE a responsibility to be the symbol of peace?

Most recently, I’ve been trying to save up for a hiking trip. We can thank Sora Yoori for making me want to go outside and do stuff other than go inside ANOTHER building where I’ll sit and stare at a screen all day. I plan to go with my sister, or my friends to a place called Treasure Mountain. I assume there’s no treasure on the mountain, because the real treasure was the leg cramps we got along the way.

Image result for anime cramps

In the end, it doesn’t matter what gets us to do things. What matters is if we have the will to see it through, like the anime characters that we all find so inspiring. I’m already a week into working out and dieting properly, and I feel like trash. On the bright side, I’m trash that doesn’t get tired walking up and down a flight of stairs anymore.

15 thoughts on “Get Moe-vated! – How Anime Has Inspired Me To Go Out And Do Stuff

  1. What a fun post this was to read: it’s great that anime can motivate you to do things 😊 I’m trying to recall if that has happened to me yet, but erm…my mind is drawing a blank so far 🤔 Who knows though, I never say never to things, so if and when it will happen, you will be the first one I will tell 😉😊

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  2. That’s really good. I can’t say I had any major life lessons with anime as others have had. Hikaru no Go got me into playing Go when I was in high school and I recently got back into it. Besides that, Yugo the Negotiator was interesting because most of the episodes don’t take place in Japan with the locales being in Pakistan and Russia respectively. That played into my interest in geography which I still enjoy to this day (Thank you, Carmen Sandiego!). I also felt super smart even then when the dub corrected a mistake that the Japanese version made during the Pakistan arc.

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      1. Sweet! That’s one anime series I still want to check out. Hikaru no Go actually has a Shogi playing character early on and that was my first time hearing about that game. It’s cool how you got to play Shogi and enjoy it more than chess.

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  3. Unfort , I got a muscle issue that puts me out of those kind of things.
    Shokugeki did make me a better cook though, I have made several recipes Souma made and use some “hacks” he used on a semi regular basis.
    No game no life really thought me about some RNG manipulation in some tpes of games etc though so there’s that as well for me xD

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  4. Yeah, anime usually gets me interested in something but then I realise I don’t really have the time to follow through anyway. My recent adventures in joining the town volleyball competition are a rare case of following through though I suspect I would have been dragged into that one year regardless given most of the town is on one team or another. I manage to avoid it most years by being legitimately terrible at sport.

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    1. Great to hear you tried volleyball, I only have fun serving in that game because receiving a volleyball from a pro is terrifying.

      Still, interest is always the first step to something new.

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  5. The most notable example would be Detective Conan, which (temporarily) got me doing (indoor) soccer and ice-skating (notably long before YoI). I suck at all and any sports though…

    Other examples are how Bungo Stray Dogs got me interested in some of the classic literature the real authors worked on (notably, I don’t think I would’ve finished Crime and Punishment otherwise) and, of course, anime/manga and their associated interests help when studying Japanese (and are also one way to put my receding Chinese skills to work again).

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  6. I absolutely agree that anime can motivate and inspire you to do many things IRL, it has occurred to me multiple times!

    I think it’s time for me to read Danberu as well…
    I can’t find motivation to hit the gym or exercise at all.

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