Taking a short break to work on anger issues


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^ I am this guy right now. Anger has caused me to do an oopsie.

Yeah, I need one.

This was brought on by one of my posts having a bit of a spat in the comments. In my stress, I failed to realize I was fighting with a guy who was actually on MY side of the issue. I didn’t check the username, and thought it was that one angry guy deciding to respond to a months old comment out of spite.

I just impulsively replied to a negative comment on my phone, not bothering to double check context because I was an idiot. I’ve apologized, but the damage is done. My focus has been off as of late, and too much stuff is going on. 3 jobs to think about, saving up for a laptop so I can write more content here instead of on my phone, and a bunch of other excuses that really aren’t excuses. I’m just burnt out.

In any case, there won’t be any other posts this week, or until Friday of next week. Need to take a chill pill, and catch up on some anime.

I’ll still be commenting on people’s posts, so I’m not completely gone. Just gotta check their usernames,lol.

8 thoughts on “Taking a short break to work on anger issues

  1. No worries whatsoever. I have been gone for a long while myself (okay had little choice in the matter but still😅) and at times it is good to take a break. Especially when things are tough in the real world. And well, everyone can make a mistake at times, so don’t be too hard on yourself. That is what being human is all about! Take care of yourself, and no worries as Pete said we will all still be here when you return! 😊

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  2. hahaha…
    It’s ok we always do something that makes us embarrassed but whatever have a great rest… Also, why not go on some tour if you have time to get more relaxed (or maybe a girlfriend)

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  3. Been there. Been burned alive by that.

    For me at least, it’s hard to disassociate my temper from my passion for a subject. You already know this, but you’re not alone in this!

    Hope to see you writing new stuff soon — but only when you’re ready!

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