The Amateur Pixel Art I Made While Bored Over Summer Last Year

Hi, The Luminous Mongoose here, and I’m swamped by all the shows lately, so no anime analysis post for today, but I didn’t wanna leave the blog empty until I decide on a more straightforward schedule. With that said, I want to share with you guys some of my old pixel art.

I was really into it for quite a while, but then other real life stuff happened, so I wasn’t able to continue practicing. However, I will soon get back to doing so,mainly because I’m really bored again. Hope you guys enjoy roasting my work!

My Hero Academia Stuff

I was really into Season 2 at the time, and I had such a lot of free time that I decided to just make a lot of fanart. I used a lot of references, but eventually, I went with making some of them in certain styles from a bunch of different pixelated games.

This one I used an already existing sprite as a reference. My difference was that I changed my pose from her just standing to her putting her hands together, as if setting something down with her power. It was a fun exercise with posing.

Considering both are super nice, super big, and super strong dudes, I figured mashing All Might and Asgore together. I got some experience in muscle definition and creating an entirely original pose and concept.

Standard fare, but I think I made him a bit too lanky.

I was in the middle of playing Fire Emblem while making these, so that’s why I decided to go with this style. It was surprisingly hard because of how limited my options were when it came to portraying their very unique physical features into as few pixels as possible.

I personally think this is my “magnum opus.”

I made Tsuyu in the style of a Scott Pilgrim character, and the end result I feel really amplifies Tsuyu’s T H I C C stature and adorable, deadpan expression.

Made in Abyss, Katawa Shoujo, DDLC, etc. :

These were fun to make. Cuteness is hard to portray with just squares, and considering how round MiA characters are, this is double as hard. I kinda wish I went for a more detailed style, but I’m happy with it.

The smallest gap I’ve worked on in between two fanarts. Yuri (DDLC) was literally just a palette swap of Hanako from Katawa Shoujo.

My favorite katawa shoujo, Shizune my deaf angel <3.

Just random art not based on anime, more a mural I saw at my school once.

That’s it for today. I’ll catch up on some reading and watching so I can put more stuff on this blog.

Until then, see ya!

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