Fighting Game Fridays – Storm Collectibles Chun Li Figure Review

I love fighting games, but I also REALLY suck at playing them. So, if I can’t show my love through putting in hours of practice, I took the shortcut and just bought toys, so I can PRETEND to be good at fighting games.

Storm Collectibles is an up-and-comer in the world of action figures. Highly detailed sculpts, properties with an INFINITE amount of characters to pull from, and great articulation make them a heavy hitter in the modern collecting world.

My first figure from them (of whom I had to sacrifice a few Marvel Legends and Star Wars stuff for) is the world’s strongest woman, and Interpol cop, Chun Li.

She’s amazing. You can tell from the sculpt alone that they nailed her character’s look. I love that they went with a sharp and realistic face sculpt for her. The world’s strongest woman can’t go around looking like a generic anime waifu now, can she? Her face is beautiful, and going for a full-on sculpt as opposed to just painting her face onto a generic female head made it look so much more lifelike.

The painting and sculpting on this figure is fantastic. Her appearance is borderline 3D printed from the game itself. She has a gracefulness to her design that makes you believe she can do all those flips and kicks.

Meanwhile, her thickness implies strength to show that those kicks aren’t all for flash. The dress has these gold lines which are sculpted on, beveled to give a real sense of depth to the figure’s, well, figure. If you look closely at her waist wrap, it has dragons embroidered and painted onto the cloth!

In addition, this figure comes packed with alternate hands, heads and accessories. The accessories are the highlight here. The Lightning Kick and Kikoken are sculpted in this translucent blue gradient color, giving it a sense of motion and energy. Her fantastic articulation means she has an impressive range of motion, allowing for this figure to pull off ALL of Chun Li’s iconic moves. The fact alone that she can split to almost 90 degrees is proof of that.


I’ve since then gotten a lot more figures from this line. I’m not gonna be reviewing them like this because I believe Chun Li’s literally the best figure they have out right now, but I will make a separate post with all of them on one cabinet. Speaking of cabinets, I FINALLY have one!

It’s, uh, a work in progress this one, but I think Yuffie likes it.

Oh yeah, I have a Yuffie now. I also started watching Love Live.

My life has been consumed by plastic.


7 thoughts on “Fighting Game Fridays – Storm Collectibles Chun Li Figure Review

  1. Lol…that is so relatable 😂😂 Back in the days when I was still gaming I loved fighting games, but I was never any good at them. I just randomly bashed some buttons and was delighted when something cool happened on screen. Most of the time though…it didn’t 😂😂
    Great figure though: she looks amazing! 😃😃

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