Tifa’s Redesign – A Balance Of Fanservice And Practicality

I do have an ACTUAL E3 post lined up, but I’ll wait for Nintendo to finish up their show.

Instead, let’s briefly talk about the two most important things that’s been circling the FFVII Remake discussions.

Is it the new combat system?

Image result for ffvii remake combat

Is it the revamped cutscenes?

Related image

Is it the episodic releases?

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Is it the new musical tracks?

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No. It’s Tifa’s boobs.

I’m kidding, of course.

Kind of.

People really HAVE been talking a lot about how Square Enix will translate Tifa to the modern age of gaming. This of course, requires the discussion of her assets. With fanservice and general anime waifuism being seen as “crass” by today’s standards, how will the OG queen of JRPG waifus look today?

I am happy to say that she looks fantastic.

Wow, they knocked it out of the park and found a way to make everybody happy. Her design has been revamped to showcase the best aspects of her original design, along with modern practicality.

The two biggest changes to her costume would be the addition of thigh highs and a sports bra. In my personal opinion as a big Zettai Ryouikki guy, NICE!

Plus, she’s wearing a sports bra.

That’s a fantastic choice. It makes her classic design less focused on her femininity and more on her brawler side. Despite that, she is still a beautiful character BECAUSE IT’S TIFA LOCKHART. She was always going to be, it was just a question of would it overshaodw the rest of who she is.

The addition of a sports bra gives a dash of practical thought into Tifa’s personality. In real life, women in combat sports wear sports bra so that they don’t hinder their fighting prowess. Less waifu, more punchgirl!

That’s just for fighting against other humans. Tifa fights literal god aliens. If a sports bra is gonna help her even the odds a bit, of course she’s gonma wear it.

How does this satisfy the pro fanservice crowd who wanted her to stay busty? Well, the sports bra has to hold something down, right? The implication of her iconic bust is still there, but instead of being weird and distracting fanservice, it’s done in a subtler way instead.

Good ol’ balloon boobs

Square Enix nailed the modern redesigns of all the characters in general. I really like how it manages to stay true to the classic designs without feeling dated.

Image result for ffvii remake
Image result for ffvii remake

I was always a big fan of Advent Children Cloud’s design (not his grumpiness), so to see that slightly darker color scheme make a comeback is nice. Aerith’s design is pretty much the same, and Barret, well-

He’s still the only black dude on Midgar that isn’t trying to molest Cloud.

Related image

Are you excited about remake? Who are you most excited to see in HD?
Why is it Yuffie? Let me know in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Tifa’s Redesign – A Balance Of Fanservice And Practicality

  1. I pretty much lost interest once I realized the remake was going to use hack-and-slash style gameplay. Didn’t realize they were also going to do episodic releases? Not sure about that… but to be fair Square Enix is one of the few big gaming companies out there that still puts out good games, so I’m sure they’ll make it work somehow.

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    1. Considering I loved Crisis Core and XIII’S COMBAT (not the rest of XIII), i am fine with hacky slashy gameplay.

      XV was good and it also tried the episodic format with DLCs.

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  2. The new character designs look fantastic. I particularly like Aerith/s; they’ve absolutely nailed that gentle femininity that is so important to her, and that further emphasises the contrast between her and Tifa. Also old-school Tifa’s boobs were so massive that Barret pretty much treads on them in one of the late-game cinematics.

    This remake is pretty much the realisation of a lifelong gaming dream. I am almost certainly going to burst into tears within about five minutes of starting the game. Can’t wait!

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  3. I thought the stockings made her a little too schoolgirl-ish with the skort. Although maybe that helps get more business at the bar, lol.

    I like her AC outfit the best — a good blend of practicality and style. The new bracelets are super cool though.

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    1. Advent children was what I personally grew up with, so I agree!

      As for the stockings, you do make a good point and I’ve turned my opinion slightly. They made Tifa’s face and general costume more mature but still added cosplay stockings which make her look, well, younger. Kind of a clash.

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      1. My first thought was she looked like she’s from Dead or Alive. But yeah, I agree her outfit makes her look younger, like Yuffie’s age. Wonder if Yuffie will be wearing stockings too since she already has in different media.
        I don’t usually buy costume DLC, but I’d make an exception for her AC outfit.

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  4. I’ve always been lukewarm on FF7, though I acknowledge the massive and deserved impact it has on both it’s series and video games in general.

    I saw this look of Tifa in the remake and I was chill with it. She still looks like Tifa, still has her same outfit, still looks like a babe, still has sizable breasts, they aren’t just fucking stupid now.

    Besides, you know someone is going to mod the game to increase their size right? I mean that’s like a sure thing like the first 3 days in.

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  5. So apparently you don’t know how design works, or color schemes. They messed up one of the most iconic designs in video games.
    The size of the breasts themselves are least of it, although defending the reduce is absurd, there is literally nothing wrong with large breasts, and this implication that only women of a certain bust size can kick-ass is beyond insulting.

    But more than that, they RUINED HER COLOUR SCHEME!
    I can’t stress this enough, colour schemes and simplicity is key to proper design, have you ever seen those images where a someone has put a bunch single lego bricks on top of each other and you instantly know what character it is? In ANY remake, that fidelity is crucial to get right, if you mess up the color scheme, it will not look like the character, and when I look at remake Tifa I don’t see Tifa, I see Tina (Tifa in name alone).

    They removed the brown suspenders, added black thigh highs, and reduced the red on the gloves. Along with that they changed her hair to where it’s not as long, and where it strangely has a tuft next to the ear.
    This means the committed the double sins of removing the iconic features (such as the dolphin tail hair), but also removed the subconscious indicators that we’re looking at Tifa, like the colour scheme, and the the aura the design exudes.

    If you compare Remake Tifa to Dissidia Tifa, one looks like Tifa, one looks like a generic asian woman clothed vaguely like Tifa. That should never be, the remake Tifa should be as stereotypically, and purely Tifa, as Tifa can get, spin-offs can have variations, but when spin-offs feel closer to the character than the remake, something is wrong.

    One of the key design choices of Aerith and Tifa was gap moe. The idea that the outer doesn’t fit the inner, Aerith looks cute and shy, but was outgoing and extroverted. Tifa looked like a cool, sexy, confident woman who could kick your ass, but was actually less outgoing and more shy.

    Tinas new design doesn’t show confidence in either posture or outfit. Dissidia Tifa looks like a strong confident woman, Remake Tifa looks like a scared shy child pretending to be a soldier, shopping at the gap.

    Tifa’s reduced bust size reduces her upper body in general, which is a problem because they didn’t give her a powerful build, if you compare her with Dissidia Tifa, especially while stretching, you see they gave her a stronger back. Which compared with a large chest subconciously gives off an imposing aura (shoulders back, chest forward, head held high, etc).

    The brown leather and short skirt didn’t look like they were made for battle….you know why that’s important? Because that made them look like HER clothes. That they were a reflection of HER, and that she could kick your ass in any god damn cool looking outfit she wanted.

    Now she looks like a combination of a teen going through a rebellious phase and a girl pretending to be a soldier.

    This design could not fail harder in any of the things it tried to do. Hell, even making her breasts smaller is a veiled insult that women with large breasts are just meant for sex.


    1. Man, opinions sure are fun.

      I’m not hiding behind that. I simy read your wall of text and think it’s an overblown reaction. I would complain as much as you if Tifa’s outfit lookes like, say, her awful outfit in Crisis Core.

      This is still, without a doubt, Tifa Lockhart. If you showed a picture of this Tifa to a kid from when FFVII was first released, people would think “hey, that’s Tifa”.

      As for the bust, I really don’t mind whether or not they’re big or normal or in a sports bra. I just think that her current outfit feels easier to move in while still retaining a stylish look.

      We can disagree on this design all night long, but it honestly does come down to personal taste. Even considering that though, you tried to somehow make a negative out of such minute changes to her character when the core design is still there.


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