Friday Funsies: Platonic Friendships, Anyone? [Remastered?]

Start calling me The Luminous Iceberg, because I’m about to sink some ships today.

[Remastered for my new readers and old readers alike, Future Lumi Comments in Bold.]

ProZD made a hilarious video parodying the shipping fandom of every series that has ever existed, and it got me thinking: Wow, can’t buds just be buds these days?

I love the friendship between Kirishima and Bakugo, for example, because it’s very natural and believable. Kirishima bruteforced his way into becoming his friend and Bakugo just sorta let it happen. I relate to Kirishima very much on this, because that’s how I make friends! For better or for worse, lol.

But that’s exactly what they are, and always will be. Friends! Very close friends, believe me, but they ain’t gonna make out no matter how much I all of you want them to. Although I did fail to mention friends with benefits do exist. That’s beyond the scope of this topic, but it was worth mentioning that some people do “ships” like this where the relationship is purely sexual.

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Just a normal friendship with some normal boys

I don’t understand why people don’t talk about platonic friendships more. They’re just as interesting as actual lovey-dovey relationships, but in a different way. It seems like any friendship these days has to have this sexual tension that gets put there by the fans. Me included.

Obviously, My Hero Academia is only one example of this because of all the possible pairings. However, this extends to any show in general, anime or not, with some very heavy-handed tropes. In general, just shounens in general have a lot of possible pairings if given a sizeable cast.

These are the “components” for a ship to start sailing, according to the internet at large. These are case-by-case basis, because the symptoms of romance and friendship tend to overlap a lot. I’m just making the distinction of what is and isn’t a flag. Trash shipping for fun is totally fine, as long as you don’t actually believe it can ever happen. Froppy x Deku is gonna happen, damn it.

They spend a lot of time together

“Look, you can’t separate them, they’re totes made for each other. “

No, they’re just hanging out with somebody familiar because it’s comfortable and nice. I’m gonna assume all of you had some friends in school that you always hang out with during an event. I have a best friend, who I hang out with a lot, talk a lot, I even sleep over sometimes but that does NOT mean we want to bang.

Obviously, if they go spend time together alone for long periods of time, that could definitely be a flag. However, since all we see of most of these “ships” are them in public places and also interacting with other people, It’s safe to assume they’re just very close friends. I fail to mention that close friends CAN spend time together for long periods alone. It’s simply the Gab of yesteryear not having the schedule to accommodate such long periods of time. To him, hanging out with a friend more than twice a week outside of school was basically marriage.

Look at Mayuri and Okabe’s relationship in Stein;s Gate. She is a very important figure in Okabe’s life, as one of the few, true friends of his that accepts the way he is and still decided to stay friends with him. She’s always around him, and he around her. There’s a lot of affection and closeness in this relationship, but as it stands, it’s not a romantic one, which is completely okay.

Okay, so Past Lumi was full of it, I hadn’t even gotten past the 12th episode of Stein’s Gate at that point. On that note, still haven’t watched past the 12th episode, kill me please.

Physical Contact


This is most likely a result of most anime fans and writers being sheltered, but one often wonders why so many anime treat ANY sort of physical contact, be it shoulders touching or hand holding, as immediately romantic. Maybe it’s just my upbringing, but poking and patting friends you know is a pretty normal thing. Hand holding could be construed as romantic, but often times, I just want to drag you somewhere in the easiest possible way.

For example, in this scene in one of the latest episodes of MHA, Kirishima grabs Bakugo’s hand, not in a any sort of romantic light, but the way any true friend holds another friend’s hand to save them. It is a firm and strong grip, with a devilish smile of “YOU CRAZY BASTARD” on both faces. I have heard arguments since then that Bakugo is simply a “tsundere”. You might be correct, but this does not apply to this situation. He is DEFINITELY not just saying “it’s not like I wanted you guys to save me or anything, baka”.

Of course, if it IS hand holding in a romantic context, I’m calling the cops on these degenerates.

Warm Conversation

“They greeted each other warmly, it’s clear they’re meant to be!”

Man, I’m really beating the crap of out of that strawman I built.

When two people interact with each other with anything more than a stiff greeting, that’s apparently flirting. For some people, the ability to be casual around another person is a skill only reserved for romantic reasons.

It’s that kind of mindset that leads to people believing certain characters are being “led on” just because they talk a lot but don’t have a close relationship, besides being friends, which is ridiculous, people can’t just be friends! /s.

After some growing up, I’ve realized why teenagers can’t fathom those concepts. Mainly because I couldn’t too, so that sucks.

A warm conversation simply means they are comfortable sharing who they are with another person. That person doesn’t have to be “the one”, they just have to care about them to listen. This applies not only to friends, but also family.

If you’re using the logic of “talking like close friends = 3rd base”, then does speaking warmly with your sister warrant a romantic relationship with them?


Final Thoughts:

I wish more people would appreciate the warmth in a platonic friendship. A platonic friendship is a relationship you can have where you don’t have to be all intimate or physical to show your affection for a person. You just gotta be you, and it works for them as well. In this day and age, that is apparently so rare that it can only result in romance. I’ve seen fandoms actually harass real people due to their inability to recognize friendship, and it is frustrating to see.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them have to be about violently making out with each other. I mean, you can still violently make out, but it’s all platonic.

P. S. If Kirishima and Bakugo were to canonically show any outward no-doubt romantic feelings such as kissing or confessing, I will do a dramatic reading of an R-18 Bakugo x Kirishima fanfic and post it on all of my social media.

P.P.S. That offer is still open, guys. When that ship sails, I will do it. No questions asked.

17 thoughts on “Friday Funsies: Platonic Friendships, Anyone? [Remastered?]

  1. Great discussion in support of canon platonic relationships in anime! Whether be it male-male or female-female or male-female couplings, I generally help float a ship (platonic or romantic) if it is made canon in the story or by the creators. 🙂
    It is interesting to see the products of imagination of people who fan-ship various couples though, from fan-stories to fan-illustrations. But harrassment is a definite no-go when both sides (or one side) refuses to respect another’s correctness/fantasy for respective cases. 😦

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  2. While I don’t entirely agree with you on the Mayuri/Okabe thing (I think it’s more of a one-way deal with that), this was a good read. It’s nice to see someone reign things in a bit when it comes to the ships haha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can understand the appeal of shipping, but I tend not to indulge in it unless it’s obvious that the creators are baiting that sort of thing. Take something like Nepgear x Uni in the Neptunia series; while they’ve never made anything 100% confirmed or canonical in this regard, each new Neptunia release seems to raise the teasing stakes just a little bit more until one day there’s totally going to be a kiss scene and my heart will explode.

    I’m not 100% sure how I feel about that, thinking about it; Nepgear is the character I most commonly cite as my “waifu” and here I am desperately hoping she gets it on with someone else. Oh well. What a curious world we live in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Waifu is a term I’ve always used in jest. In truth, it’s more how I refer to my best girls. I don’t “want them for my own” because they are fictional characters. Even if they WERE real, it would not necessitate the same sort of attraction. Probably.

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      1. Yeah, same, really. Nepgear is someone who is just… important to me. I relate to her. I resonate with her. I recognise parts of myself in her. That’s what she’s always meant to me rather than anything… baser.

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  4. THANK YOU! Platonic relationships are a dying art especially since there’s that segment of fandom who has to ship everybody. It’s something I’ve noticed and made platonic elements more explicit in a bunch of my stories even though I have canon romantic relationships for certain characters.

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  5. I love to see a good friendship in a story. I like to see an actual (platonic) relationship between the two rather than “protagonist’s official therapist” or “character inserted just to prove protagonist isn’t a loner”.

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  6. This my dear friend is what I want people to understand but apparently friends being friends means they tots are banging to other people.
    One of the reasons why friendship fails these days. Besides I gotta disagree that holding someone’s hand is romantic. Friends do that too.
    And did people seriously think that when bakugo jumped up and caught kirishimas hand is romantic? It clearly is just friends rescuing their friends.

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