Friday Funsies: The Best Of Anime Commercials

Anime and advertising go hand in hand in the country of Japan. Unlike the West, animation has been fully embraced as a medium not only for movies and TV, but as legitimate ways to market your brand to the public. This has led to a lot of funny, heartwarming and downright ridiculous commercials being made for the purpose of selling you some cup noodles or something.

Here are some of my favorites.

This one is very recent but immediately caught my attention. Sure, turning shounen into a school slice of life anime isn’t exactly a new concept-

-but just look at that SAKUGA.

I don’t even really particularly care that it’s One Piece. I’d watch a sports anime about an abrasive but determined kendo student juggle his ambitions and school life. I also like how they made Luffy the “senpai” character, it’s a great change which still makes sense. After all, it was Luffy who gave the easily lost Zorro direction in life. It still rings true in this universe.

Fast Food Shoujo Ai

The last place I would expect to find a fluffy romance is Mcdonald’s, but I am definitely loving it. What’s that you say? It’s simply a platonic relationship between two close female friends and I shouldn’t make assumptions about either’s feelings to satisfy my need for a romance anime in a fast food commercial?

Posh, they’re definitely into each other, lalalalala, I can’t hear you over the fluff.

Image result for mcdonalds anime commercial

In all seriousness, they did a fantastic job romanticizing the fast food industry. Honestly, I love that they do point out how important it is as experience. They don’t make grandiose claims of you staying in the fast food industry for life, but they instead emphasize all the skills you pick up from working there. Management, socialization, and a good work ethic are all important traits in any job you come across in the future, and showing the senpai proudly talk about her time there as she would any other position is very humbling.

Kouhai totally has the hots for her though, not gonna lie.

The Slow Bread Series

Ghibli just can’t stop warming my heart even when they’re simply making a commercial about bread. Ghibli animator Yoshiharu Sato brings us this heartwarming tale of romance over 10 years in the making.

Related image

10 years doesn’t mean it took 10 years to make, but that the whole saga has been airing over the course of those years and is still ongoing. A child in Japan has likely grown up alongside this commercial, and the thought just makes me feel old in a good way. That there exists a simple story of love and baking right alongside my own journey through life is comforting. I’m excited to see more of their story as the years go along.

Kizuna Ai Talks With Christoph Waltz (For Real)

Okay, this is technically not an anime or commercial, but when has being consistent ever stopped me before. No, this was part of a promotional tour of the movie Alita: Battle Angel where the entire main cast was interviewed by none other than resident Virtual Youtuber, Kizuna Ai!

Image result for kizuna ai christoph waltz

What surprises me was how decent of an interview it was. It was definitely silly, but the actors and Kizuna seemed to have a lot of fun. It just tickles something deep in my psyche to see this literal manifestation of Japan’s anime-ness talk with these A-List Hollywood actors.

Also, shout out to the one person out there who wrote a Christoph Waltz x Kizuna Ai fanfic that is marking out right now.

Evangelion Needs Funds for 4.0

You know what my first thought is after watching a bunch of teenagers mentally and physically tear themselves controlling giant robots?

Shaving. No? Well, I guess you just don’t get Evangelion.

Seriously, what on earth is this? If ever there was an audience of people who need new razor products and watch Evangelion, here it is. It’s the most cash grabbiest of cash grabs, but I can’t blame them. It’s free money to basically see Gendo without a beard. It’s highly concerning how they advertise the very beardless teenagers also holding shaving products, because that implies a whole host of other things I’d rather not think about.

But that’s not even close to the most off the wall advertisement Evangelion has done.

Just. Just watch this.

I’ve never seen a commercial capture that feeling of confusion I felt during End of Evangelion until now. This is the pinnacle of Evangelion. 4.0 is c a n c e l l e d.

We’re a mecha horse racing anime now boys and girls, yee-haw!


Advertising in Japan is really something I hope more commercials pick up on. I don’t need some celebrity telling me that Brand X is what I need in my life. I want all my advertising subliminally put into genuinely good stories.

Pictured: Subliminal

For the most part.


5 thoughts on “Friday Funsies: The Best Of Anime Commercials

  1. I’ve always liked the McRonalds commercials… 🙂

    Something to check out, even though they’re not technically commercials, are the anime shorts that are being made for the upcoming Tokyo Paralympics. This one is my favorite.

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