How I Stay An Otaku As An Office Guy

So, I have my first full time job on a night shift! The extra night differential cash will help my plastic crack addiction fabulously.

However,having a shift between 11pm – 8am brings its own fair share of hassles. The sleep is something I am desperately finding time for, but the second priority after that is finding time to watch anime.

So, today I shall share my methods of staying weeb while working!

Start Reading Manga More

Manga is definitely my best friend as a fresh working adult. Unlike anime, I can dictate the pace of how I want the story to unfold with THE POWER OF PAGE TURNING.

Manga is also something you can easily sneak into your downtime at work compared to watching anime episodes.

I prefer having a small paperback copy to read from, but if you have not the luxury of a physical copy, I highly recommend using Tachiyomi on Android.

Find Other Weebs In The Workplace

On my very first day, I looked around at the cubicles and found a grand total of three fellow anime fans based on their cubicles alone. One cubicle had LoveLive gachapons adorably sitting on the keyboard and monitors. Another had One Piece figures and even a nice pair of Luffy flip flops underneath.

Lastly, one of the lead employees had a cubicle dedicated to My Hero Academia and Cardcaptor Sakura! It was honestly very relieving to have other people who love the same things I do in the same workplace.

Talk with those peeps whenever you can. A job can be boring without people to talk to, and what better topic can there be for us to talk about but anime?

Decorate Your Workplace

Staying 9 hours in a plain jane desk can make a monotonous job even more monotonous. So, make sure to give your workplace a dash if what it is you love. I mentioned that my co-workers have plenty of memorabilia while their busy doing boring stuff like mortages, so I thought of doing the same. I’m just torn on who to bring to work.

If you guys have any ideas, help me pick,lol.

Break Time Is Anime Time

An hour is enough time for you to watch at least 2-3 episodes. Maximize your breaks by eating and weebing at the same time. I finished watching Watamote at work, and while that ended with me looking like Tomoko, I still managed to finush the anime.



Work is important, but so is staying yourself. I refuse to let my work affect my time doing the things I love like this blog or anime in general. If you are in a similar bind, or about to join the workforce, know that there are other anime fans like you.


14 thoughts on “How I Stay An Otaku As An Office Guy

  1. Pretty much everywhere I’ve worked I had to go out for lunch, because otherwise people would come and ask me questions or try and get me to do things for them while on my lunch break. I even used to eat while working and then just go out for a walk sometimes, because it was basically impossible to go an hour without getting interrupted someway or another.

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    1. I have been fortunate to never have worked in a toxic environment yet. Solitary freedom is one thing I never want taken away. I still get PTSD from the Viber app ringtone because it means I have to fix someone’s problem on my day-off

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  2. It’s nice to have people around in your workplace you can talk to about stuff like this. Now that Game of Thrones is done, the one common point of interest I had with coworkers is out the window, and it’s back to me pretending I know anything about football. My profession doesn’t seem to contain a lot of weebs, sadly. Should have gone into IT.

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