I’m Not Dead, Guys

I’m graduating college in a few weeks!

So that has kept me really, REALLY busy, and I haven’t watched enough anime to warrant writing a seasonal recap.

But, I HAVE been working on a lot of long-ish articles and analysis. I have a post about the presence of trans characters in anime in the next two weeks (with help from a few legit trans people to help fact-check my writing), an analysis of the Chuuni archetype, and of course, the seasonal recap.

It’s been fun writing those and I hope you guys can stick around and remember me until I can get this graduating into the workforce thing sorted out.

You guys are still there, right?

Man, I love this show

8 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead, Guys

  1. SOooOOOoooOOOoo……….. it means you are entering an adult world? sorry, I’ll be more precise… are you graduating from 2d to 3d world also?

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