Spooktober: The Siren – A Poem By Lumi

[Repost again, only this time I did a lot of rewriting to make the poem flow better]

Hi, I suddenly felt creative today, and made a poem. After reading so much depressing manga over the last few months,I wanted to try my hand at creative writing again after being away from it for so long. A major influence on this was March Comes In Like A Lion and some horror stories I read when I was younger.

Forgive me for being rusty.

Without further ado, I present:

The Siren

She appears on the dark ocean’s surface, to those who yearn for days gone by and yet to occur

Her song is familiar and nostalgic,and yet the man feels nothing but dread as she inches closer, her song increasing in turn

He feels cold sweat run down his forehead as she coils herself around him, and she turns to stare.

Are her glossy black eyes full of tears, or are his own merely reflected in them? Is it just his delusions,or is her mind going elsewhere?

It doesn’t matter.

Her embrace tightens, crushing the man’s body, while her face stays the same, completely lost in despair.

The creature takes the man under, and he loses his breath. The man struggles and flails, until eventually, the man no longer cares.

His resolve is broken, his spirit shattered, and as her vicelike coil turns into a gentle embrace, she almost feels like a friend.

But he knows better.

She appears on the dark ocean’s surface, to those who have begun to see the end.


If you got this far, thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun(?) writing this, it’s my first time doing more abstract types of writing. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Since I mentioned March Comes In Like A Lion as inspiration, I highly recommend Karandi’s review if both the first and second seasons,as it was what pushed me to actually finish the series, to my own betterment.

See you next time!

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