A Message To Sony Regarding Spider-Verse

Into The Spider-Verse released on Blu-ray a few days ago,and I FINALLY got the chance to watch it since I missed it during its theatrical run for various reasons.

To start, holy crap, what a fantastic comic book movie, and just a great film in general. From every perspective, writing,visuals, music and audio, all of it is brilliantly executed, and I am excited to show you guys my full thoughts on it soon.

However,right now, I jist have one thing to say, and there is literally 0% chance anybody at Sony will ever read this,but it’s good to have this on record for future reference.

Sony- *puts hand on shoulder*


I know the suits are salivating at this golden goose they have created, but PLEASE for the love of GOD, give the sequel TIME to stew!

Don’t Star Wars this, Sony. Spider-Verse was amazing because it was given not only complete freedom in creative control,but also the TIME to execute all that creativeness as best as possible. So many great movies suffer shitty sequelitis because suits foolishly strike while the iron is WAY too hot, and what we end up getting is a bent piece of iron.

I will literally wait a decade (please not that long,though) if it means you capture the spirit and heart of this film, and add something new to it to make it worth watching.

Expect my review next week because I will be rewatching this movie about a hundred more times to uh, get the meaning and such.

I literally just want to watch this movie a thousand more times

7 thoughts on “A Message To Sony Regarding Spider-Verse

    1. Watch it!

      Mini-review: While Spider-Man fans will obviously love it the most, even non-fans will be gripped by the fun characters, legitimately great message,and amazing visual style.

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  1. I can only say this, To me this was great and I never thought I could see Hollywood superhero in the anime adaptation.
    It was great but I agree with you fully that the should wait for the sequel at least a year or more than that.

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