I Can’t Stop Watching Fujiwara Dance!

This is just a super quick fluff post before the winter weekly recap tomorrow telling you to watch A-1 flex their animation budget with this hyper fluid,energetic, and smoothly rotoscoped dance sequence with an equally catchy song.

Why the 10 Hour Version, you ask?

Because why not, I can’t stop watching anyway. The silly, energetic and yet expertly choreographed dance popping off to a song whose translated lyrics just ooze of Fujiwara is a sight to behold.

Seriously, bravo to A-1 for this amazingly hypnotizing ED!

Hopefully this means good things for the very important sequences in Kaguya-sama: Love is War’s story,as A-1 has shown with this ED that they have given a lot of thought into what things they will throw an inordinate amount of money at.

8 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Watching Fujiwara Dance!

  1. It’s simply a great gift to us fans. This is probably the best dance I’ve ever seen in anime. Well I don’t watch many idol anime so I might miss out some cool anime dances. Even so, this… this is just addictive. I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve watched her dance lol.

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