Winter 2019 Weekly Recap #2 – Love Advice, History Lessons, and Urban Legends

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Ep. 2

Okay, not gonna lie, a bit annoyed at the one minute recap of the premise and at times overbearing narrator, but the voice acting this week was hilarious!

But before the voice acting, I did find out why the concept was reintroduced again and that’s because the chapter adapted was one wherein Kaguya was switching magazines, so the chapter in question is actually supposed to be a semi-“first” chapter for new readers. Weird but hopefully this means we lose that intro in the future from now on.

Kaguya’s voice breaking while she recoils at Shirogane thinking she’s cute, then Shirogane doing a girly impression while giving love advice but his seiyuu is clearly trying not to burst out laughing, there’s something so charming about the delivery of lines in this show. Formulaic yet funny, I do hope they tighten up the pacing of the introductions because that’s been my only issue so far.

Here is your weekly dose of my favorite Kaguya screenies, courtesy of redditors.

I needed clickbait, don’t judge me for Fujiwara’s cannons

Gotoubun no Hanayame Ep. 2

We got an episode focusing on Miku and the important reveal of “Every sibling isn’t dumb, they’re just cripplingly overspecialized in a certain subject” as shown by Miku’s otaku level knowledge of the Sengoku era of Japan, as well as the fact that somehow, NONE of the five quintuplets had the same answer for the exact same test.

Not unreasonable, but this is kind of a case of anime logic. Not even a lucky guess?

Well, that aside, this is looking to be the formula. Each girl is shown to have a certain thing they are really interested in and our plucky MC studies the everloving hell out of it to help out.

Looks like MC has a lot to do before progress happens.

Best girl radar is beeping uncontrollably and Nino hasn’t even gotten her episode yet

Mob Psycho S2 Ep. 2

Mob Psycho 100 continues to deliver the laughs and action scenes, preferably doing both at the same time.

Seems like we’re doing a “spirit of the week” type deal here, but this being Mob Psycho, we get to solve a grand FOUR urban legends in a 22 minute tims limit. Sure two of them were just duds, but the other two showed off a lot of wacky action fun.

Dash Granny and Dragger.

And somehow all that still feels like a 10 minute episode!

It’s nice to see more relatively normal characters for Mob to bounce off other than Reigen, and we get to see it with the fat psychic here, who hilariously fights off a wicked Grudge-like ghost lady on steroids and a weirdo sex pervert in a raincoat in an impressively fluid fight scene.

And they say this show has no fanservice

The Dash Granny was also bonkers and it’s kinda funny to see Mob being “beaten” by a spirit, though probably not in the way you’d expect.

Overall, not as character-building as the first episode, but a lot more gags and fun stuff was had.


Bit of a “break” week so to speak, with pretty low stakes for every episode, just a lot of fun stuff.

That’s it for the week!

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