Winter 2019 Week 1 – A Battle of Hearts, Minds and Psychic Powers

What a GREAT start to the season! These are some very faithful adaptations and I’m excited to talk about them!

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War – Episode 1 Review

Oh how long I’ve waited for this contempt on-screen

First episode is a strong one! I was concerned about A-1 being at the helm for this one since they’ve been stretching themselves thin as of late, as proven by Wotakoi’s animation troubles in some episodes, but they know how hyped Kaguya has been and delivered exactly what I expected of them!

The OP, funny enough, also gives me some Wotakoi vibes with the deep and very manly vocals. Almost James Bond, some would say. Look out, Vento Aureo!

As for the episode itself, it’s a practically shot-for-shot adaptation of the manga, and no corners felt cut at all!

I have to say, despite my initial worries about the seiyuu based on the previews last year, they were immaculate this episode. Kaguya’s voice now sounds deeper and more aristocratic, and only ever fades into the cutesy high-pitched voice when flustered. Her expressions in this episode are spot-on,

Get you a girl who can do both

Prez and Subject F as well are perfectly cast, with just the right amount of hamminess and sincerity for these loveable dorks. I love how faithful my adaptation of “Death Note but it’s flirting instead” is. Same goes for the narrator, who sounds exactly like I expected him to.

Overall, a fantastic start carried by the performance of the seiyuu. Nothing TOO wacky animation-wise, it’s pretty standard fare, and I don’t expect them to up the budget anyway until a certain scene happens. No spoilers from me.

Gotoubun no Hanayame – Episode 1 Review

While Kaguya-sama: Love is War was pretty standard fare in the animation department, Gotoubun no Hanayame knocks it out of the park with a gorgeous first episode. Just look at that bridal shot! It’s not only stunningly rendered but also jampacked with symbolism about the sisters. This is an addition I don’t remember from the manga, and if this was truly a clever way of representing the mystery of who the bride is by the anime studio, bravo!

The seiyuu are, like Kaguya, fitting with each of the characters, and everybody is just stunning. A lot of budget was funneled into this series, and I think it’s gonna pay off, because just look-

I might have a bias.

Gotoubun no Hanayame also faithful as heck to the manga, and this only adapts the first two chapters. Overall, I am really excited to be constantly switching ships again and unlike Kaguya, I’d say this starts off as stronger than the manga!

Mob Psycho 100 S2 – Episode 1

And the strongest start of the season for me goes to Mob Psycho 100! With the hype around Season 2 of Mob Psycho 100, many thought, including me, that it was gonna be disappointing or maybe just more of the same. I’m glad to say that this starts out STRONGER than Season 1!

Yes, really.

It’s so natural that I almost forget it’s been two years since the first season, and it actually delves into one of my gripes with Mob, which is the fact that he’s got no personality outside of his friends and family.

In this episode, Mob attempts to run for Student Council President after being goaded into it, but he remembers that he’s socially awkward and says nothing for 5 minutes onstage.

The art has gotten less messy and a whole lot sharper and striking. Despite ONE’s simplistic style, Bones goes out of its way to add all these enhancements to it that makes it so much better. Of course, it reverts to ONE’s style for the funnies.

I swear I had those sakuga screenshots somewhere……

This episode introduces us to Emi, a girl who confesses to Mob after seeing him go up on stage being a statue for 5 minutes. DESPITE the obvious setup that anybody who watches anime can sense a mile away, Emi is a wonderful addition to the cast. She’s a nice, normal foil to Mob, somebody who he doesn’t put on pedestal nor she thinks of him as too much of a weirdo . Just the awkward dude he is.

Lastly, can’t talk about Mob Psycho 100 without discussing the OP. Spoilers, it good.

Despite the song being not as hyperactive as the first season, the visuals, especially starting at 0:53, are pure animation bliss. The song itself is still a banger, with lyrics describing Mob’s struggle with earning his own growth, and the visuals perfectly compliment it.

That’s it for week 1! How about you guys, what did you watch this week and how was it? Leave it in the comments below!

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