Winter 2019 Is Gonna Be The Season Of Romcom (And Mob Psycho 100)

Since I ended up only watching Zombieland Saga and Rascal Does Not Dream Of An Absurdly Long And Literal Title last season, I will only pick three shows to talk about weekly (or bi-weekly) here on my blog, then talk about the other shows when I get around to it.

So expect my actual Winter 2019 impressions to be in 2020.


Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To


This is gonna be the first show that I watch where I’ve actually READ the source manga way before the show was even announced to be existing. The manga was actually one of the earliest manga I reviewed on this blog, and I have nothing but praise for it. If you’re not in the know, it’s essentially a mindgames + romcom manga with plenty of fluff and hilarious gags, BUT has that fancy schmancy character development and growth I like so much. Even with the show coming out in a few days as of this post, I still really want you to read it, because it’s a really good manga that utilizes it’s format to the max.

However, I do have some reservations with the seiyuu for this adaptation. Kaguya sounds a bit too high-pitched for me, and Prez sounds more normal than the uptight voice I was imagining in my head. Either way, I can’t make any judgements until the show actually comes out.

Also, O U R G U Y is coming.


Go-Toubun No Hanayame (The Quintessential Quintuplets)


Another manga I read before the anime announcement, and another one I’m excited about. The story revolves around a man tutoring quintuplets, all of whom look almost the same and are also just about the same level of academic brilliance.

Which is, spoilers, absolutely zero academic brilliance. Why do you think they needed a tutor?

Despite the usual “harem” setup, what made this one standout to me was a very likeable protagonist and a well-fleshed out cast of romantic interests who all have a very clear chance of winning. Heck, the manga starts out cleverly by SHOWING us the winner getting MARRIED to our protagonist, but we have no idea who it is because they’re quintuplets!01.jpg
The manga is straightforward as it gets, but they get around the problem of being annoyingly slow-paced by giving the sisters arcs and realistic reasons for liking the protagonist, and most importantly, showing their lives outside of that.

It goes without saying that I’ll also be watching this in hopes that it can capture the feel of the manga.

Mob Psycho 100 S2


And so continues the adventures of Bowlcut Psychic Saitama!

Mob Psycho is definitely a show that I loved but chose NOT to read the source material for because the animation was such a huge part of why I even enjoyed it. Yes, I know ONE has improved as an artist IMMENSELY since his early OPM days, and is very good at capturing hyperactive action with a still image-

1 tsBc0cIOeLdFnAvd4AphXA.jpeg

But, and I’m gonna get lynched for that opinion by some people, I like seeing things move too much, especially in an action-oriented manga. I still enjoy action manga immensely, as I hold the manga and anime of My Hero Academia in about equal standing, but Studio Bones captured the spirit of ONE’s art perfectly, and even improved upon a lot of aspects of it. In this particular case, I actually enjoyed the anime more than the source.
Either way, I’m surprised this is coming out before OPM’s own second season, and if this turns out amazing, well J.C. Staff is gonna have one more amazing studio to live up to, adaptation-wise.

These are the three shows I will be reviewing this season! I’d love to watch more stuff, but with my backlog being as infinite as it is, and other silly excuses, I’ll stick with these three to be safe.

See you next time!



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