Lumi’s First Ever 2019 Blogpost (Happy New Year, Anibloggers!)

Has it really been 10 months since I started blogging? Been a hell of a long year, and I just wanted to look back on some of the memorable events and milestones in my blog, and in the anime world, in the yesteryear of 2018. This is the one time of the year I can feel proud about something, so bear with me as I get a bit dreamy-eyed over the passing attention I got this year.

My Blog #1:

My first ever post.

The one that sparked it all. I had this posted on reddit originally, where it was very successful, garnering over 863 upvotes and 132 comments, and as far as I know, the highest upvoted text-only post on r/DDLC that wasn’t a meme.

So I decided to have that as my opening act for this blog idea I had been thinking of doing for the longest time, so to speak and…….

It did alright. Not nearly as big as it did on reddit, but the most important thing that this has done for me was that it hooked some of my first and most active fellow bloggers, who I also follow to this day. Ya’ll are great!

I haven’t made a post that rivalled this one in research or length ever since, but with the Bunny Girl Senpai taking me by the heart and not letting go, that can change very soon.

Anime World #2:

The return of the king!

I was a recent fan of JoJo, so my wait for Golden Wind wasn’t nearly as long as other fans, and that was only one of the many blessings that the AniGods have impressed upon us this year.

Golden Wind has to be the best adaptation of JoJo’s Bizaree Adventire yet, with animation that looks straight out of the manga panels, and a wonderful attention to detail and polish.

Indeed, the wait for the lick was worth it.

My Blog #2:

My SECOND most viewed post of 2018.

Why did I choose my second? Because this held the top spot for a long while until very recently, and I just liked the discussion this one brought forth a lot more, both on reddit and wordpress.

I’d also say this was one of my most controversial posts, mainly because what constitutes best girl was a subjective topic, but it wouldn’t be the anime community if we can’t agree on which fictional anime character we would like to marry/have a spot of tea with/furiously make love to the most.

Anime World #2

There comes a time in every otaku’s life where they see an anime where they immediately think to themselves, “Did somebody break into my house, read my personal pretty pink princess diary, and hopped on a flight to Japan to tell CloverWorks studio to pander to every single one of the things I love about anime?”

Because they’ve done it. They have created the perfect anime for Lu-me.

Mystery supernatural aspect that frames the characters ala Angel Beats? Check. Complex characters who are more than they first seem ala Oregairu? Check. Snappy and captivating dialogue between characters who have real chemistry together ala Monogatari? Check. Actual tearjerkers that feel earned and perfectly built up to ala Clannad? CHECK!

Bunny Girl Senpai without a doubt huts all the right notes with me, to the point that I will refrain from suing CloverWorks for allowing that man to break into my home and read my pretty pink princess diary where I wrote down what I wanted for my perfect supernatural character drama.

Also about my crippling depression fetish in anime.

You mean the guy who likes Clannad, Angel Beats, and Doki Doki Literature Club has a depression fetish?

My Blog #3:

The collabs I did with other bloggers, such as my first ever tagpost, the The T. A. P. tag, wherein I gave several people headaches for an evening by making them do obscure Japanese poetry about their beloved (or hated) anime, to my awesome yet incredibly stressful Spooktober Celebration!, where I gave yet another bunch of bloggers headaches by making them write amazing content for my blog instead of on their own blogs.

By the way, it was these lovely people, thanks so much for the help with that month, it was so fun! Ya’ll made me realize how much more fun blogging can be.

The Accomplices

Special mention to Curiously Dead Cat and Irina for that actually being their second time collaborating with me. Here’s to a third?


So, that was my year. Thank you all so much for sticking by me despite my lack of posts recently. I want to be a blogging monster like Karandi, Irina and a whole lot of others are, but that takes discipline and experience that I don’t have yet.

My resolution for 2019 is to be way more consistent and frequent with my posts, but not at the cost of quality. I’ll start by actually getting around to all those reviews I’ve promised a long time ago, and work my way from there. Please continue being at my side on this blogging journey.

Sayonara,and have a happy new year!


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