A Lazy List of My 3 Favorite Christmas Episodes

I’m here to remind you guys that yes, I am alive and kicking, but am actually on a mini hiatus until the start of next year. I’ll be making posts if and when I can, but for now, here’s a quick list of my 3 favorite Christmas episodes to watch today!

This list is in no particular order, as I love them all equally.

Trigger warning, I like crying during the holidays, so this is gonna be sadtown.

Toradora! – Episode 19, Christmas Eve Festival

Oh boy, it’s time to bring out the tissues boys, because you know what time it is! It’s time to warm our hearts right before shattering it into a million tiny pieces, as the best episode of Toradora arrives center stage. Lost My Pieces is still one of my favorite scores in anime, purely because of the fact that I get teary eyed just hearing the first few notes.

Don’t want to spoil it for the three people who haven’t watched Toradora yet, but needless to say, it’s a Christmas episode for the romcom nuts like me out there.

After Story – Episode 13, Graduation

You know what, maybe you should just keep those tissues from the last entry handy, because Clannad is about to make you empty a few dozen boxes of them. After Story is my all-time favorite anime for a good reason, and this episode in particular is my second favorite episode of the season.

We also get the majesty of drunk Nagisa.

The first favorite is obviously Episode 18,and we don’t talk abou Episode 18 unless we need to dehydrate ourselves through our eyes.

Sword Art Online – Episode 3, Nicholas The Renegade

I make no secret of the fact that I hate what SAO became post-Aincrad,and that’s mostly because I held this arc in high esteem for making the monumental task of making me feel anything for Kirito actually work. His guilt and shame for the severity of his inactions in this episode has not been repeated since, despite the arguably larger stakes that happen later in the series.

It makes Kirito seem human and vulnerable, and shows some depth to his character. More importantly, this episode really drives home the horror of living in this death game, and how it affects basically every non-main character who were clearly out of their depth. It’s arguably my favorite episode of the entire series just for actually dealing with the horror aspect of the anime, and less on “OMG, KIRITO IS SO COOL AND EDGY OP”.

That’s it for today folks, have a Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “A Lazy List of My 3 Favorite Christmas Episodes

  1. “Nicholas The Renegade” is also, subtly, a 3rd ep twist in the series… Everything he does later in Aincrad springs from the horror and guilt over the fate of the Midnight Black Cats and the costs of his choice.

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  2. The only one on this list I’ve seen is the Sword Art Online one. Shameful I know XD. I have my issues with the series, same with this episode, but it tried to flesh out Kirito pass a self insert hero. Seeing him actually struggle in Nicholas The Renegade felt more natural than it did in season 2.

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