Zombieland Saga Ep. 7 and Ep. 8 Review – Shock and “Aww”

Zombieland Saga still continues to be a fun ride, and we even get some feels at no extra charge!

Episode 7 was basically the end of the whole angst arc as they finally face their fears and doubts head-on through their performance. Literally, as lightning strikes twice and ACTUAL lightning once again hits Ai-chan and the idols, but this time, it is not trauma it brings, but sick autotune and AfterEffects powers.

This show still manages to surprise me with its clever gags, even at the 7th episode.

We also see Manager-san show some depth as he is the one to give Junko a proper pep talk, and shows he’s actually a lot more aware than his craziness lets on. The fears of a new generation, the shift in idol culture, and of course, being a zombie, he manages to point out how reasonable she was about angsting while still pushing her towards being an idol because like he said, while things have changed, being an idol is still a way to touch people’s hearts. I like those little breaks from his nuttiness.

Moving on from that, Episode 8 focuses on Lily, the loli of the group, and we finally see why she’s fine with the way she is. That is, she never wanted to grow up from being a cute and beloved actress, and explains why she was the happiest about her situation. You really have to feel for the dad (who unfortunately looks like a normal man’s head attached to a gorilla’s hairless body) for losing both his wife and daughter, though. Seeing a person who looks exactly like the daughter you lost is probably a lot rougher than the show portrayed.

The final thing I say about that episode is this: Neverland being the title of this episode makes a LOT more sense now.

Not gonna lie though, their new song this episode sounded REALLY weird.

Now moving on to the real highlights of this show, the status of our LEGENDARY YAMADA TAE!

She’s become much more comfortable with her fellow idols, and most interestingly, has finally learned words! Sort of.

Hey, when you’re basing your speech off a boisterous blonde like Saki-chan, learning’s gonna take some time. It’s adorable how much she mimicks and actually follows Saki.

That’s it for this week’s (and last week’s) Zombieland review! This will be my format for this show moving forward because to be honest, this isn’t a very deep show, but it is a very captivating one.

It’s less about contemplating each episode once its ended and more about enjoying the ride, ups and downs and all.

Until the next post!

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