K/DA’s Animated Music Video Is Fire!

Let me be clear. I don’t play League of Legends, and I only passively listen to K-Pop when my sister listens to it. I have no idea what the context behind this is.

With that said, oh my god, this music video by K/DA is really, really good if you are even remotely fascinated by animation or striking visuals. You could have no idea what League of Legends is or have no interest in K-Pop, but come out of this video saying “Wow, that was a great music video”. The direction is really clever, the cinematography is on point, and the members of the group just ooze style and personality.

So much so I actually wanted to bring it to your guys’ attention,and talk about how well it clicked with me.

Why It Clicks

I have one rule when it comes to judging animation. Can I randomly pause at ANY point and still have an amazing wallpaper? If the answer is yes, your animation and shot composition is stellar. That’s this music video in spades. Go ahead and try it, almost no matter where you stop, it will look great.

It helps that almost every shot is always centered on a character and their respective motifs. Whenever they are the focus, the environment seamlessly changes to reflect the characters’ identities, or even have them mesh together.

My personal favorite scene in the whole video is when Akali (the girl with the demon mask) and Eve (The shadowy woman with the circular shades) are together on the subway with flashing lights.

When the lights are off, it’s glowing with Eva’s shadowy form with her cool shades in the background while Akali raps against the walls splattered with cool grafitti, but whenever Eve interjects with a word, it cuts back quickly to the lights on with her in her normal form and Akali and the grafitti nowhere to be seen. Whoever in the process of making this video said “Let’s have glow in the dark paint as a motif” is a genius, and they should get a raise.

I love that there’s claw marks as well

It not only cleverly integrates the in-game abilities into the music video, not only does it give the scene a stylishly seamless quality in transitioning, it also just looks, and I quote myself on this, hype as hell.

I think a huge reason why I love this music video is that it reminds me a lot of similarly amazing animated music videos such as Lone Digger by Carnival Palace, Phase 4 Gorillaz, and Daft Punk’s Discovery album. It’s techno-modern sleek yet still manages to be gritty and urban. The cleanness contrasts with the rather bombastic or smug movements of the characters, and it really works.

That’s all, I just wanted to share some visual eye candy, and maybe even ear candy for you K-Pop enthusiasts.

2 thoughts on “K/DA’s Animated Music Video Is Fire!

  1. I saw this music video and almost wept, it was sooo good!! I’ve watched it too much in the past 2 days just to properly absorb all that beauty. I mean, Akali’s rapping scene alone is worth so much. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t listen to K-pop or play league 😂 Riot games really understand modern culture/trends without being cringy or exploitative about it 😆😆 It’s so impressive!!

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