Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai Is My Favorite Anime Of 2018!

I caught up with the shows of Fall 2018 this week such as SSSS Gridman, Uchi no Maid, Irozoku Colors, JoJo: Golden Wind and Bloom Into You, which are all good shows in their own right!

However, what I REALLY want to talk about is Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai, which is my favorite show of 2018! No, I am not exaggerating. I literally could not wait to talk about this show, and I just finished watching the first 3 episodes today. I have so much I want to share about it. It’s like this show was tailor-made to fit my exact tastes in anime and finally filling the void shows like Clannad: After Story and Oregairu left in my heart and now I’ll be talking about why-

I Love This Show!

For starters, the dialogue is well-written, engaging and most importantly, authentic to the characters. While of course, most people in real life aren’t nearly as verbose, the emotions, dialogue and tone of the characters really sell the atmosphere of the scene as believable, and believe me, atmosphere is a huge theme of the show. I absolutely love the dynamic between Sakuta and Mai, and the casualness of their relationship is a refreshing change of pace from the hyperactive romance of old. It makes me actually invested in not just the plot, but how the plot affects all these characters.

No annoying tropes are in play (bar a few instances of a brocon, but it’s very minimal). The MC as well reminds me a lot of Tomoya from Clannad, one of my favorite main lead guys in romance, as both have a snarky but laid-back disposition towards life, who seem apathetic at first glance, but they actually care a lot more about others than they let on. They have this charisma and determination that makes it impossible not to like them, even with how abrasive they might be.

The overall message present in the first few episodes is incredibly relevant to the woes of youth today. It manages to be a surprisingly poignant metaphor for the effects that bullying and ostracization can have on growing adolescents, in the form of the possibly supernatural/psychological phenomenon known as the Adolescence Syndrome.

I said before that the show is comparable to Clannad, but I’d say it’s more like Clannad if the pacing was tightened and the anime tropes played down. The core premise of helping people deal with their problems which may or may not have a basis in something supernatural or just psychological means comparisons to shows such as these (and Angel Beats to an extent) are unavoidable, but if anything, that just makes the show better.

It’s basically Oregairu’s interesting writing and characters with Clannad’s atmosphere.

Overall, I love this show. I really love, love, love, love, LOVE this show. It does everything right for me, and I really hope they can keep up the quality of the plot without sacrificing anything. The dialogue, the characters, the progression the music the animation, it all just clicks for me.

THIS is exactly what a show pandering to me is like, folks.

Except maybe a modern Gurren Lagann-esque kaiju fighting anime with thicc girls.


See you in the next blogpost!

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