Lumi’s Totally Early Fall 2018 Watchlist (And My New Avatar)

Spooktober collabs, college, and general laziness has prevented me from watching any shows this season besides Zombieland Saga and JoJo Part 5, but that changes today!

I hope.

Oh, and I changed my avatar and name to Lumi, who I am sure will not be mistaken for a girl by new followers. I was getting kinda tired of the haphazard anime avatar I was using and I wanted to have an avatar that actually looks like me. In a hyper-stylized and perfect kind of way. The hair and disappointed expression are pretty accurate to me irl, at least.


I also shortened LuminousMongoose to Lumi, because the collab posts made me realize how long that moniker was. Again, most definitely not gonna be mistaken for a girl name, I’m sure.

Stuff I HAVE Been Watching

Zombieland Saga

The best tourism commercial that Saga is ever gonna get.

As I’ve said in all of my reviews of this show so far, this is a funny and entertaining show. It helps that it has literally zero direction other than vague ones from Manager Okabe, so I truly have no clue where the show is actually going or what jokes they will try and pull. They also give you JUST enough hints at an actual plot to keep you engaged if the humor alone isn’t selling you on it.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo

Sorry, I don’t speak Italian.

My beautiful boys have finally been adapted, and it is by far the strongest adaptation so far in terms of production and animation. Every frame just oozes style and motion, and the two years they took off from JoJo has given them the necessary time to give us the proper adaptation that we JoJo fans have always wanted. As with literally anything JoJo, this is an acquired taste, but if you’re looking for a good place to start being part of the fandom, now is the time when the hype is at its highest.

Bloom Into You

Yukine and Yuigahama realize they love each other and ditch Hachiman.

Similar character designs aside to the Hachiman’s harem, Bloom Into You is a rather straightforward but well-executed shoujo ai romance between two girls who have been confessed to, but have never felt their hearts flutter as it does in manga. When it comes down to it, I WAS here for the cute romance at first, but they’re actually delving into some character development as well, not relying on just fluff to get by like a lot of other shoujo ai shows. I’m only on the second episode, but I already enjoy this show a lot.

Stuff I’m About To Watch

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Puberty takes form as a Bunny Girl is what I’m gathering here.

I expected a standard romcom ecchi from the title and covers, but from what other bloggers have been saying, I should be preparing myself for a first-class ticket on the feels train.

I’m intrigued.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Isekai finally admits its slimy nature.

Isekai, but this time, it’s a Slime boi, apparently. I’m at least enjoying the fact that the MC isn’t an overpowered asshole (yet) and doesn’t wear a tracksuit/school uniform. So I guess if I gave How (not) to Summon a Demon Lord a go, then I should give this one a chance too.

So Many Colors In The Future, What A Wonderful World

Why is every show this season titled so long

Hey look, time travel shenanigans in a school setting to right past wrongs! Seeing how Orange and Erased have done this niche right in the past already, Irozoku (the short hand term for this show) has to make itself unique in some form, and so far it does so by being a beautifully animated show. A show that has so many visually pleasant words in the title ought to have a lot of wallpaper material, so I am quite excited for some drama eye candy.

SSSS Gridman


While I am definitely into this show for the hype Ultraman action sequences and being animated by TRIGGER, I cannot say that the thicc was not another primary reason for me to follow this show. TRIGGER has yet to give me any disappointments in the character design department, nor in the ridiculous robot kaiju fights department, so I’ll be following this show with great interest.

Director confirmed to be a man of culture

That wraps up my to-watch list. While I would LOVE to do episodic reactions, I can’t because of time constraints, so only Zombieland Saga will be getting a review this week as usual (ignore the fact that my review for Episode 5 isn’t even up yet <3).



6 thoughts on “Lumi’s Totally Early Fall 2018 Watchlist (And My New Avatar)

  1. Hey there! Been a while, didn’t know where else to post but: nice new avatar and handle! I’ve been really busy, but it appears you’ve written some great new material. Also, good watchlist! I’ve picked up Gridman with a friend, so I’ll let you know how that went when it’s done 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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