Top 5 Ghosts In Anime And The End Of Spooktober (feat. Karandi)

Happy Hallow’s Eve! For my final collaboration, I have teamed up with Karandi from 100WordAnime, who if you are familiar with any aniblogger at all, is a familiar sight to a lot of you. Today, we’ll be counting down our favorite ghosts and spirits from anime!

The first half of this list can be found on Karandi’s site here!


  1. Dee Ensy – Sunday Without God


While she only appears as a ghost in the normal world, Dee Ensy is an interesting character who comes off as a bit whimsical and a lot selfish, but ultimately she is a very complex character though to say anymore would be moving straight into spoiler territory for the final arc of the anime so I’ll just leave it alone. Still, she’s a great character.


  1. Star Platinum – Stardust Crusaders


The very first stand we see in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and the physical manifestation of Jotaro’s fighting spirit, so it counts for this list!

While Star Platinum is not my personal favorite stand (that honor goes to Killer Queen),he is the first and most iconic in all of Jojo. His design is very reminiscent of the Djinn from Islamic mythology, with the technicolor purple skin, long everflowing hair, and ghostly genie tail that connects him to Jotaro.

Also, if you subscribe to the theory that Star Platinum is the spiritual reincarnation of Jonathan Joestar, back from the dead to punch Dio’s face in, that makes my entry safe!


  1. You Keika – Spiritpact


You know, I really hated Keika’s character when we first met him back in season one. He was a horrible character, then again the anime was pretty dreadful. Somewhere during season one and into season two, Keika became a character  I really liked and since then he’s gone from strength to strength. He might be dead but Keika is growing in leaps and bounds and hopefully his character development continues.


1.Reimi Sugimoto – Diamond is Unbreakable


Reimi Sugimoto is the first ever victim of the enigmatic serial killer Yoshikage Kira, way before he had the “cleaner” method of using Killer Queen, which results in a horrific scar on her back that we never actually see onscreen. It’s up to our imaginations how terrible it must be for Rohan of all people to be taken aback by it.

Despite that, she continues to live on as long as her killer is still on the loose. Her determination to bring justice to the countless souls she had to see go before their time thanks to her killer, as well as justice for herself, makes her a strong character and a helpful addition to the Duwang Gang.

Her design is also hands down my favorite design of the Part 4 characters. It’s distinct, pretty, but still perfectly in line with what we’ve seen in JoJo’s fashion sense, despite being a lot more subdued than those. The eventual conclusion to her arc was also a great way to end Diamond is Unbreakable as a whole, and for those reasons, I put Reimi Sugimoto at the top of my list (though only barely, mainly because Fuko is technically not dead).

And with that ends the Spooktober celebrations! Once again, a big thank you to Karandi for helping me put together this list, and also a big thank you to all the following people who helped in my first annual celebration of Halloween on this blog! Thanks for the wonderful content!

The Accomplices

I’ll see you again this Friday with Zombieland Saga, then  I’ll be back with last season’s final impressions (which is totally early, shut up) next week.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Ghosts In Anime And The End Of Spooktober (feat. Karandi)

  1. A very belated thanks for having me collab on your first ever Spooktober. Was happy to participate in it, and got me some horror movies to watch.

    Reimi Sugimoto is quite lovely. Her design alone would make her my number one too. She’s quite easy on the eyes.

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